Conte drawing of Lee van Cleef as Angel Eyes. I am… so into this character, wow.

Had a lot of fun blending with the willow charcoal. Lee’s cheekbones are such a dream to draw.


Tuco in the morning light.


I’m not that excited about GBU stuff focusing on the noose but employing it as a thing that is ominiously center while Tuco just doing his Tuco thing….yeah that’s ok.

hummms. in the spirit of whumptober day one, I'd totally go for a fic with 70s sweaterboy Angel having shaky hands :3 some preference for Angel/Tuco interaction but Angel/Blondie also good if that's what strikes your fancy (or the trio

(better get this done quick, before the computer busts on me again)

“Can’t…what good to you am I like this?” Angel asks him, drowsy and nearly content-sounding. 

Tuco wastes a moment to admire that- such a shame it is, that his most attractive times of weakness are inevitably those of crisis, when there’s never any time to appreciate them. 

“Shhh. Shh- stop. Just stop, we’ll be fine.” 

“Easy for you to say,” Blondie says, hoisting the heavy shotgun. Drunk as a lord, which means he’ll be no use whatsoever (more he drinks the nicer he generally gets, instincts which are less than helpful under current conditions.)

Angel knows this and takes the gun away. Fine by him, Tuco decides; even a wrung-out professional’s safer holding it than a movie-touched romantic-

“Ow! Angel, what the hell?”

It’s purely reactionary. Anybody would respond pretty badly to having a shotgun dropped on their toe, surely. 

“My hands- can’t stop shaking-”

“I’ll make it stop,” Tuco hears himself promise, and sees himself doing it before his brain has time to ask just what the hell his mouth has said. Angel’s hands are icy against his own; he rubs fiercely with palm and thumb and fingers, willing the trembling flesh to take on his own calm warmth. 

“Blondie, take the gun. You’ll look after us, won’t you?”

“Done,” his partner says, the monosyllable so short there’s no time for it to slur. 

Someone worth putting his trust in, maybe. 

Dios, they say beggars can’t be choosers…





questo treno ferma a Tucumcari

The Outlaw Josey Wales


Thought I’d just have a bit of fun with this one before I put it to bed.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly