Well I just started following you (I didn’t know anybody else enjoyed GBU or even made headcanons) so for the character thing why not Blondie (he was my favorite)

Oh wonderful, good pick!

Blondie– Keep in mind if you’re familiar with Dollars trilogy I tend to think of TMWNN as three different characters, which I’ll continue to do so here.  

  • What I like about them

The weird dubious morality of him. I think there’s a lot you can work with headcanon wise as a character.

  • What I dislike about them

Lol the film takes him….so seriously *broods into middle distance* Like I think based on his actions he’s very flawed and his motivations are ambiguous at best. I also am less fond of his designation as ‘the good’ since I like him as a more greymoral/evil character and I think his actions in canon reflect that more strongly. 

  • Favourite moment

Honestly, the part where he squints with utter loathing at Angel Eyes during the Mexican standoff is so good. 

A close second is ‘God hates idiots’, HAH. 

  • Least favourite moment

Hard to pick a specific moment? The moment where he ditches Tuco in the desert is something else because it seems like…such a dumb thing to do, you know, like if you’re going to screw him over like that why not kill him so he doesn’t come after you later? But it’s that kind of self-destructive and selfish stupidity that leads to some of my favourite headcanons for him, so I can’t say I’d want it taken out of the film. 

  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more

I mean, selfishly, any situation where he and Angel Eyes interact more. Shipping aside, I’d like to see them have conversations or maybe see them as more sustained rivals in a different context. GBU focuses a lot on the Tuco and Blondie interactions and I’m just…not as interested in those, heh. 

  • An interesting AU for this character

Oh god I have SO many Blondeyes AUs but one of my favourites is mine and @cudvac‘s medieval AU where Blondie is a disgraced knight, Tuco is a minor lord of sorts greedy for more land, and Angel is an assassin for hire. It ends up being surprisingly emotional for both of them.

Another good one is the modern Talahasee AU (named for The Mountain Goats album) which is Blondie/Tuco/Angel Eyes modern au. Blondie and Angel Eyes are shady lawyers, Tuco is a criminal with a history with Angel Eyes. It’s horribly self destructive and has a terrible end but it’s a great story. 

In terms of non-sad AUs, well I guess the northfic that I’m working on right now qualifies as canon-divergence. 

  • A crossover

I cross him over constantly with other dollars trilogy folks, does that count? I think @cudvac and mine’s Dollars trilogy/polycest au is probably the most well developed of those, which is mostly cute and sweet fluff with a good lead up story. There’s a lot to explain about this au so I’ll just leave it at that.

  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship)

Blondeyes 🙂 it’s my favourite spaghetti Western ship anywho. God knows why, I just think they’re interesting. 

  • Other ships?

I’ll read Blonco and I’ve liked some of it. Oh also Captain Clinton/Blondie was something @cudvac and I discussed as sad and good. Oh and in polycest au, Manco/Blondie is a great ship. Manco is so good for everyone. 


This is selfish but my OC Sue from the northfic is probably my favourite friend for him. 

(I just realized the delicious irony of naming an OC Sue….HAH). 

  • NOTP

Eh, not really with anyone? I’m not a huge fan of sweet/fluffy Blonco, it has to be shitty people being shitty to each other for it to appeal to me. 

  • An assortment of headcanons!

Did work as a bounty hunter before Tuco, he and Tuco have definitely been sexually involved but it didn’t really mean anything to them, has no hobbies except riding around aimlessly, wishes constantly he was a better person, very passive, cats love him but he doesn’t really know why. Bad with children. Good with injuries and staying calm under pressure. 

Thanks for the ask, anon! And if you want to know more about the spaghetti western fandom on tumblr, send me a PM or something 😀