I started watching Black Sails recently (thanks @mcicioni-blog) and I was immediately hooked on the show and completely smitten by Flint. Now i stumbled upon an interview with Toby Stephens (who plays Flint) …

“The character of Flint was very much like someone Clint Eastwood would’ve played. There’s something quite austere, enigmatic and charismatic about him. You kind of like him but you don’t really know what he’s about. He reminded me of when Clint Eastwood did those spaghetti westerns, ‘the man with no name…’ you’re not quite sure if he’s a good guy or a bad guy but you kind of know that you like him. That is what interested me initially about Flint.“


Bonus info … Toby Stephens played the younger self of Clint’s character in “Space Cowboys“.

So… Flint is somehow just Clint?! What is my life

There are even Clint/Flint comparison pics on the internet -_-