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In many ‘Spaghetti Western’ films, a broad sub-genre of American Western films that emerged during the 1960s in the midst of Sergio Leone’s film-making success, many of the vuglar roles Native Americans were hired to act in forced them into offensive portrayals with little attention paid to authenticity, with emphasis only placed on painting them as “simple savages.” As a result, many American filmmakers paid little attention to actually translating the indigenous languages for what they were saying on screen. As a result, many actors were able to say what they really felt.  

Reel Injun, Documentary (2009) 

it’s on netflix right now for anyone that wants to catch it

This is such a good documentary, guys. I try and convince all my students to watch it. It was made by Neil Diamond, a Cree filmmaker, and it’s an utterly fascinating look at portrayals of indigenous peoples in North American cinema.