FAFDM rewatch commentary


So I showed @stephanie221 For a Few Dollars More …here are my thoughts on round two…

  • @stephanie221 pointed out that Mortimer like….really plays against type being a white-hat-character with a black hat. 
  • The cowboy flirting scene is just as good if not better the second time around
  • Manco/Indio is actually a lot more believable than I gave it credit for…I believe it was @chunchomunos that brought it up as a thing that someone used to be into and I was EXTREMELY skeptical, but they actually have some pretty serious chemistry in the moments that they do interact (is it hate chemistry? maybe. Is it hot? yes.). Maybe I’ll gif/cap a few to show what I mean. I don’t ship it but there is smthn you could work with there. 
  • and adding to that, Indio is way hotter than I gave him credit for the first time
  • why does Mortimer have so many arbitrary skills???
  • It’s interesting how much Manco really is like….caught in two places I feel in the way he reacts to his life as a bounty hunter. At moments he seems to really enjoy being a smart-mouthed punk, cf. his very extra entrance at the card game scene. But there also seem like moments where he’s committed to getting out of the life as soon as possible, just settling down. I felt like in the final scene where he’s shooting down Indio’s men he’s legitimately…tired. Anyways maybe this is just me reading into it re: my fic, but that was cool to see. 
  • relatedly, I realized I subconsciously based the Greygorge – Blake Valley showdown in my fic entirely on the scene where they’re riding between El Paso and Agua Caliente. Something about those winding hills you can almost-but-not-quite hide within. 
  • the double whump scene is also just as good if not better the second time around 
  • Unfortunately, I find Clint Eastwood and his pretty hands a lot prettier than I did on the first watch (this is 100% Blondie’s fault, I have such affection).
  • Lee is still the hottest forever though <3 <3 <3 MORTY
  • WHY is the ending LIKE THAT. It’s a good thing the FAFDM fanfiction tag is so saturated with good stuff :’)