syb’s guide to her own pasta fic

Another fic writer in my other fandom wrote a “guide to their own fic” where she sass-described all the different works and their purposes. I thought that would be a fun thing to do with my pasta fic 🙂 other fic writers encouraged to do the same with theirs.

The first fic I wrote for the fandom was Devil’s pupil gonna teach you to sight. If The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is your starter spaghetti Western and what you wanted from it was some grimy cowboy hatesex, you’ve come to the right place. If you get into this fic, scroll down past the cut for the Coles notes on my Blondeyes fic.

Just saw For a Few Dollars More and want shippy Mantimer content? I have two fics, A Name’s Witness, which is a series of shippy canon annotations, and Sight, Blank, and Shot which is a post canon fix it fic with a rollicking adventure and some soft bondage.

For some less mainstream offerings, A Companion to Trees and a Song for a Friend is a post canon daemon au to Beyond the Law. I think this is one of the sweetest fics I have ever written, which suits the good ship Cudvac.

The total tonal opposite is my fic cheap dynamite for A Bullet for the General (which is only on tumblr since I still don’t feel I’m very good at writing abuse ships). Nino/Chuncho, and definitely heed the content warnings on this fic.

I also have like a coin that won’t get tossed, which explores a post canon Ryan and Bill from Death Rides a Horse. My characterization there is in broad strokes based on @mcicioni-blog’s writings so I would highly encourage you to read her work first, since it’s closer to the canon timeline.

Alright, now let’s talk about the content I make rather obsessively: Blondeyes. Please for the love of God read the tags and chapter notes if you need trigger warnings.

If you want more canon-close content for GBU, the place to start is Three of Spades, Two of Clubs, but only the first three chapters. This fic is a series of short Blondie and Angel Eyes centric ficelets I wrote, but some of these will only be relevant to people who have read my entire Blondeyes canon. Be warned, the third chapter is sad, but I think of it as one of my best short works.

If you were into the kinky hatefuck dynamic of Devil’s Pupil, why not give solitudinum fecerunt, pacem appelunt a try? It’s mostly that but it has a great arc and some unusual narration.I’m oddly proud of the characterization I had for Angel Eyes in this. That fic sort of starts you down the rabbit hole of my Blondeyes verse.

If you read that and want more angst, but nothing too long, Chapter 4 of Three of Spades presents a divergence to solitudinem that is both sweet and angsty. (who built) the road is also a short and sweet drabble series, with angst in places. It’s meant to bridge solitudinem and the next fic, so it can be read before or after without a whole lot changed.

If you’re ready to jump down the rabbit hole, Sighted Crows in a Desert of Rime is probably one of my best works, and my love letter to Hannibal. Relentless angst, murder sideplot, extreme kinky bullshit, and a happy ending. Oh and if you’ve gotten this far please drop me a message – I love talking to people about the ship.

If you just want a little bit of goddamn fluff from this ship of all places….Chapter 5 of Three of Spades will do that for you.

If you’re sick of both of them by now and you want a total tone shift, also you’re interested in reading an epistolary with nods to House of Leaves and follows roughly the plot of The Blair Witch Project, well, The Grey Desert Mythos is the fic for you. Is it the most obscure bullshit I have ever written? Probably.

I have at least two other Blondeyes fics in the works right now, which I will append to this post later 🙂

Finally, if you want some silly ficlets the drabble tag on this blog has a few things that will probably never be revised into real fics.