@vnheimliche I’m very, very sorry but somehow I seem to have accidentally deleted your original ask. Luckily, I still had it open in a tab, so I have the text! lmao sorry. here’s your message and my reply:

@vnheimliche said to bloncos: I’m scrolling down your blog and I think it’s great that it’s totally dedicated to the dollar trilogy. Leone is my fave director soon after Kubrick and being Italian I’m stating it with pride 🙂 I’m curious to know if you have a favourite one between the three dollar movies? Also, I’d want to ask your opinion about his two others western masterpieces, namely Once upon a time in the west and Duck! You sucker 🙂

Thanks! Leone is excellent and you’re right to be proud! 🙂 

Out of the three dollars movies, it’s hard for me to decide, because I think I enjoy all of them in different ways. I watched A Fistful of Dollars first and loved it right away. Love the sort of gentle main whistling theme in that one and CE’s character. But I might ultimately say The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is my favorite, because it’s so much fun and there’s so much in it that I enjoy. And the Ecstasy of Gold scene is sooo good, and the final three-way showdown is so dramatic and epic.

I also love Once Upon a time in the West (another hugely powerful final showdown!). Haven’t seen Duck! You Sucker yet!