✿ for blondeyes

✿ for blondeyes

1. A very random headcanon regarding the ship

Oh I think I’ve expressed this before, but part of the reason why Angel started writing stories was he read some penny dreadful murder novels they they get in cheap from the general store and was disgusted by how innaccurate they were and decided to write his own, starring him, chronicling the actual events of his murder life lol

But the part where it’s about the ship is he has a few excerpts he keeps in a separate book where he DOES write erotica based on his own experiences

Not gonna lie, I bet the first few attempts were pretty bad. 

I also figure the first time he wrote about he and Blondie having sex was in The Grey Desert Mythos, he found the idea of writing about them just a little too close to home before Blondie goaded him into it (lol…not that Blondie was trying to….)

2. A headcanon regarding an argument the two characters have had in the ship

I’m thinking their first argument after the whole getting-back-together after the events of Sighted Crows was probably about Blondie drinking. I think then he decided he just never would again ever, and Angel took it personally because they’re both bad at dealing with their mutual guilt over that disaster of an event. 

Anyways it culminates with Blondie just yelling that he’s never once enjoyed drinking and more or less does it because it makes him fuck up more, and then Angel just sort of shuts up about it, maybe goes to walk it off or whatnot. Then they like, actually talk it out and Blondie admits it has something to do with his father years ago, and Angel is like “oh he has a past. weird.” (smdh Angel is so self-focused sometimes)

I’d probably count it as the first time either of them deal with an argument like decent human beings. 

3. A sex related headcanon for the ship

Despite being into pretty much any kind of dangerplay, they’re not exhibitionists at all. I headcanon Angel Eyes sort of used to be; but he just isn’t when it comes to Blondie. They’re too close. 

4. A headcanon related to the ship’s favorite date location

Hmmm well they wouldn’t call them ‘dates’ like, ever. But I think both of them have a soft spot for screwing in their house? they never were the type to have a house or someplace to set down roots before. And given what happened when they first screwed there, there’s something special and a tiny bit terrifying about every time they have sex there. 

5. A headcanon about cuddling in the ship

Headcanon that after they sort of got together post-solitudinem and Angel was still deciding whether he liked the quasi-spooning that Blondie would often fall into when he falls asleep (it’s less so the teddy-bear cuddle that Blondie does while drunk and more of a lazy one-arm-over body spoon), that he’d lie awake weighing the pros and cons of staying in this position (pro: warm, con: less mobility if they get attacked, con: too much affection, pro: if no movement/change there is no reason to Acknowledge it) anyways and so forth until he falls asleep. 

6. Another very random headcanon for the ship

Uhhh this is @shit-lizard‘s fault but now I have a headcanon that once Blondie accidentally downed scalding hot coffee and then Angel made a deep throating joke about it 

in fairness I bet he did suck Angel’s cock that night because he can be a lowkey masochist sometimes; and Angel let him and then he couldn’t talk for two days. 

Sue was just ‘smdh, do I want to know? no don’t answer that question I know that I don’t’

7. A very fluffy headcanon for the ship

I unfortunately have a headcanon that they bathe together by the river in summer. I mean not like they bathe each other, but you know, Angel makes a fire and they might keep each other both warm because it IS very north

what do you mean that’s not very fluffy? it’s fluff for them 

8. A headcanon about the ship that is not in anyway related to romance or sex.

A few weeks after Jordan came to town and Angel had talked to her a bit, he came home one day and suggested they have her for dinner

Blondie nearly did a spit-take because they had never had anyone over for dinner in the house ever, pretty much. Lol.

The dinner went well (or as well as semi-awkward dinner with murder daughter can go)