bleak-nomads: @mcicioni-blog an improved versi…


@mcicioni-blog an improved version of the meme, now featuring DRAH!

Also I moved Nino because @jacksonbently originally decided he was ‘you will’ and I thought he was ‘then perish’ ; but I think he’s two moods about people. He’s definitely ‘you will’ about Chuncho but I feel like several other people in Bullet just register as ‘highly expendable’ to him. 

Bill would say ‘cool’ but what he really means is ‘I’d die for you first’, lol

Tuco is somehow all of “then perish”, “you will” and “cool”, but he’s a big memer so I went for the first one.

I feel like all three of TMWNN would awkwardly say “cool” ahaha.