Okay so I know a lot of my mutuals are into like old movies and stuff (particularly old Westerns) or maybe like they just like old actors and stuff or just like… vintage anything, WELL, I’ve recently discovered a really neat website that takes any black and white image and colorizes it instantly! Here are some examples :

Lee Van Cleef in High Noon (1952) 

Cast of Twelve Angry Men (1957)

Mary and Ruth, a couple from 1910

As you can see, the coloring isn’t always perfect, but for something that’s basically instantaneous and free,  I’d say it’s a pretty good job. I’ve always loved the idea of colorizing black and white photos – especially historical ones, like my third example – because it modernizes the image and can make people feel closer to it, which I think is important when looking back at history. We’ve gotta remember that we’re closer to the past than we think.

The website is Algorithmia, they have a ton of other cool photo services but my link’s going to be specifically for their coloring program. 

Uuuh nice! 🙂 i just had to try it