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Rodolfo Damaggio


Montana 1885

“This is a personal project I started back in March 2018 and finally finished now end of June 2018.

I’ve always wanted to do a western and was briefly working on a movie that was put on hold, I had only worked for 3 days but since I love the subject so much I kept on going on my spare time and changed the look of it for a frontier town in Montana in the late 1800s during the gold rush… perhaps Eureka.

The images were rendered with Vray, ground sculpted in Mudbox with 4 UDIM tiles, a few fabric simulations in Marvelous Designer and some minor Photoshop touch ups at the end.

The scans of people and dogs were done in Canada by and he was been a part of my most current concept works in the film industry.

It is impossible to find period scanned people (or futuristic) so you have to custom make them.

I was very fortunate that his good friend Mark Murias is a vintage clothes collector hence the fantastic wardrobe for this project or any turn of the century scenarios.”