namesisfortombstones said: “For a Few Dollars More”, actually. And what happened in this scene was reshot and is in the movie.

Oh thanks for your comment and damn, you are right!!! 🙂
I always thought, this pic is a movie still from this deleted scene from “A Fistful of Dollars”….


…where Joe “finds” his iconic poncho near a river.

But I did a little research and found this pic…


…which shows definitely Manco (see his leather glove) from “For A Few Dollars More” near a river.

So it turned out that the scene, were Manco shoots 3 of Indio´s men by a campfire was filmed twice – the alternative version of that scene, filmed near a river, was not used in the finished movie. But this is were the pic came from.


Bravo, I loved your comment- it´s always fantastic to find someone who is so deeply involved in this movies!