editingmodulations: One of the most important…


One of the most important elements in film editing is pacing, also called Rythm.

This can determine how a scene is going to go. Faster or slower, the editor design to create the best effect possible, of course, this depends on the genre, from the action, drama to comedy, the timing is key to tells the story right.

Back in 1920′s the Russian director/editor responsible for discovering for this editing technique is Sergei M. Eisenstein. His film Battleship Potemkin presents the rhythm and juxtaposition of images effectively, I will talk about his in future entries.

Italian editors Nino Baragli Eugenio Alabiso worked with director Sergio Leone cutting the western masterpiece, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. One of the finest moments in the film is the final showdown with the main actors ready for a duel. The use of reactions shots, the timing and color palette is hypnotic. The length of the scene is about 4 minutes, with just music and some sound effects, no dialogues, but images telling a story and building the drama.