Kelly's Heroes definitely deserves more a…

Kelly's Heroes definitely deserves more appreciation. It's one of the best WW2 movies ever. I love "stick it to the man" movies. The cast is amazing and they packed in so much humour but without losing realism. It's brilliant. Rant over. LOL. Also, I think I misused lanky to discribe Clint. He's long and tall but not in anyway ungraceful. Watching him move is a work of art.

Totally agree with you! Kelly´s Heroes is a great movie in so many aspects. <3 

And i love talking about Clint´s rangy or lanky frame. Lol. At least as Rowdy he´s quite lanky, it´s part of the character i guess. When it comes to Blondie (i.e. all three Men with No Name) i think he moves like a cat. I love it!