Sergio Leone gay round up

Much has been said on the gayness of Sergio Leone films and the western genre in general, but I thought an actual round up would be useful:

Blondie/TMWNN – has never heard of a woman in his life. Has a new boyfriend every month

Tuco – I’ll give his spiel about having “lots of women” the benefit of the doubt and say that this man does like girls, but his only true love is Clint Eastwood

Angeleyes – more interested in money than either gender, but again he makes an exception for a certain blonde haired guardian angel

Harmonica: this man has also never heard of a woman in his life. He spends the whole film very confused about how to act around claudia and plays his harmonica instead of communicating. doesn’t have a boyfriend yet 🙁

Col. Mortimer: one of Clint Eastwood’s boyfriends again. You think he’s going to have a tragic straight backstory but nope, turns out that girl is his sister

Max: pretty ironic that the gayest leone character is the only one to have an actual relationship with a girl – twice, no less. But make no mistake, this man is in love with his best friend Noodles, although he has to show it by ruining his life and stealing the girl of his dreams. It’s the price he pays for not being a cowboy and being able to let his gay thoughts run free in the wild west

Even the straight Leone characters – Cheyenne and Noodles – have more chemistry with their male companions than the (grossly sexist depictions of) women they actually pursue. And though sex itself is basically never mentioned except with references to sex workers, the physicality of the characters is laden with sensual energy in some places and outright sexual coding in others. thank you for coming to my ted talk that’s all for now