Author: Clint Eastwood 24/7

The Outlaw Josey Wales


John McBurney – The Beguiled (1971) | eyelashes [1|?]


Rowdy Yates – no talking, just staring watching, listening, a hint of light teeth gritting, seems to be pretty hard thinking here, a slightly sigh, too.

bonus: licking his bottom lip before starting to answer/say something


My client today told me she could get pregnant 3x watching Clint Eastwood’s hips while he walked


A Fistful of Dollars – Cortijo el Sotillo (Spain) in 1964 and today



Beautiful Rowdy


Prime Clint whump scene. Two Mules for Sister Sara when he gets shot with an arrow and Sara's trying to help him. That whole scene is perfect whump. With a bit of flirty drunk who just wants to snuggle thrown in.

YES! This scene is great and tbh really good acting. Imho he always delivers when it comes to whump. 🙂 I always wanted to gif that scene… I put it on my to-do list.