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Cowboy Cat Enamel Pin by


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It was his hat, Tuco! He was Number ONE!!!






girlfriendsofthegalaxy replied to your post “…bored. I’ve got nearly a hundred followers, who wants a fic?”

sing me a song you’re the pianoperson, sing me a song of cowboys

“…your scansion needs work,” Angel Eyes remarks, not looking up from the photo album. Familiarizing herself with possible targets being her notion of a pleasant after-dinner relaxation. 

“Do I look like the kind of woman who cares about scansion?” Tuco demands, dropping the karaoke mic into her orange juice. She retrieves it haphazardly, starts again with a vengeance. “And we’re all in the mood for a- a- huh. A what?”

“Somebody remind me why I started dating you two again?” Blondie asks. 

“Too few options for fellow lasso enthusiasts,” Angel says drily. 

“Rodeo! Rodeo, that fits,” Tuco says, kicking the machine into gear again. “You better cheer up, Blondie, or I’ll sing you my cowboy rewrite of ‘Heart of Glass’.”

“Oh, not again.”

does. does genderswapped Angel keep a scrapbook of potential targets???? this is alarming but delightful. 

i have a lot of emotions about Heart of Glass already for non-fic reasons. oof. 

thoughts I have had in the five minutes since completing that

– yeah I think Angel is doing it like Mission: Impossible, just. got a lot of pictures of Possibilities only they are always the same possibilities and also it’s possible they may be assassin targets sometime

– ooh welp sorry about the Blondie Heart of Glass pun. that was. literally all there was to that. 

– Blondie is also obviously genderswapped but was like “nah” when asked if this should be specified. “obviously if Angel and Tuco are women I am as well. do I look like I’d be straight in any AU no this is a full-throttle lesbian situation”

– last dude to make a “dumb blondes” gag to her got shot somewhere painful

– Angel defies the line between “cross-dressing” and “dressing as cowboy” and “disguise for assassinations” or is that more of a triangle? triangle. 

– Tuco I think is exactly the same down to the annoyingly holy sister who’s a nun and orange lust

they’re perfect and amazing and I support them in all their endeavors





Why is watching Blondie suffer an experience?

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)



By Parpa

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Second to last chapter end of the cinematics of semantics. Immediately follows from this

This really…broke my heart to write. Not because it’s awful. But because, rather, it isn’t. 


My innamorato is quiet, on the drive returning to the hacienda. It does not escape me to name that as a strange thing to think, given his characteristic terseness. Something, perhaps, about the slow way he puts the cigarillo to his mouth betrays deep thinking. Effectus sequitir causam.

I let my eyes wander back to the road, thinking of birthdays shared, foolish gestures beaten into the rhythm of living. Yet so willing, eager, I am to march to that cacophony once more. 

As was with Alma, the company makes a difference. I have to suppose. 

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in this spinning carnival – sybilius – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:


How many acts keep a circus show spinning? How many gasping faces to keep the lions fed, the humans fed, the wolves at bay? How fine must the trapeze artists swing? How close must the knife-thrower brush with death?

Tuco Ramirez wishes fairly often that he didn’t have to ask those questions.

A reimagining of the 70s trio, in a certain pair of brothers’ travelling circus.


And today, we put our fun AUs up on Ao3 because it is a site that begins with “archive”

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Per un pugno di dollari (A Fistful of Dollars) 1964 dir. Sergio Leone