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I haven’t posted here in forever but I saw this on @nocontextboomer on Twitter and I had to

We’re watching Christ Stopped at Eboli in my Italian literature and cinema class I can’t wait to bore everyone with my Gian Maria Volontè knowledge 🙂




god damn it i can’t believe i like westerns so much

same i’m shooketh

y e e h a w


“Tennessee Waltz”

Paintings – (Oil on Canvas – 24" x 30")

A moonlight night, a handsome cowboy, a Patti Page record on the gramophone – well, I can dream can’t I?


me when I’m in artsy Italian movie from the the 70s: stop everything I gotta talk about the third world NOW


Matrimonio all’italiana (dir. by Vittorio De Sica, 1964).



i give you… that alignment meme you’re sick of, clint eastwood cowboy edition


me recommending movies that will make me receive a “that was fucking horrible” text 2 hrs later


Japanese poster for Sergio Leone’s breakthrough “Spaghetti Western”, A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (1964).   The Japanese title reflects the source material (originally uncredited!), Akira Kurosawa’s YOJIMBO (1961).  The Japanese title is KOYA NO YOJIMBO (which literally means Yojimbo, or Bodyguard, of the Frontier).