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Angel Eyes!

Angel Eyes!

And I will tell you my:

  • First impression

….this man is hot

  • Impression now

Some combination of (for canon/Tweechik angel):

  1. hnngh ugh Angel Eyes hot
  2. “you moron, you fucking narcissistic idiot, I should throw you off a cliff”
  3. this is my comfort trash can character and I will protect his horrible ass at all costs

For 70s Angel “this is sweet murderous sweaterboy, I want to hug him at all times”

  • Favorite moment

Hmm, when he strong-arms Blondie into partnership with him. What a powerbottom bastard move. I love him!

  • Idea for a story

OH BUDDY OH BOY smdh I should not be allowed to answer this quesiton. I’ve answered it already so many times and I’m still uh. answering it.

Fic to come?

  • Unpopular opinion

I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion at all, but bastard got what was coming to him in the finale. V. satisfying death. 

  • Favorite relationship

Oh god. Again, contractually obliged to answer Blondeyes, but Tucoeyes gives me so many feelings. Also the trio? 

I think I just like ships if Angel is involved, tbqh. 

  • Favorite headcanon

Latin bullshit 🙂 I’m. so damn proud. 

stephantom: Rawhide »  Rowdy Yates &amp; Gi…




 Rowdy Yates & Gil Favor

 “As long as I know I have you for company, I’ll walk up to the devil himself.”

robots-and-lizards: hey @clinteastwood-blog w…


hey @clinteastwood-blog would you like some eyes? Because this man has some gorgeous ones



Hey, if you’re still doing that character pose drawing meme, would you wanna do Niñcho in 4B? Like, with Chuncho as the adorable affectionate one, of course. If you’re still doing this!

sorry this took so long, today has been busy!


shamelessvisualpleasures: Clint Eastwood and his orangutan…


Clint Eastwood and his orangutan friends

rawhiiiiide: Gil Favor, according to Rowdy Yates (and here’s…


Gil Favor, according to Rowdy Yates

(and here’s Rowdy Yates, according to Gil Favor)

Bonus Rowdy to Favor, about Favor:



anintelligentoctopus: Sketch.Sometime after Joe rides off at…



Sometime after Joe rides off at the end of the movie