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Angel Eyes is less than happy about having to ride in the sidecar, which Blondie & Tuco find absolutely hilarious…

(Originally a lil’ gift for @marmalated <3 posted here with her kind permission. I had fun playing in her motorcycle-AU sandbox a bit!)

me-fish: Saint Blondie. (This is some weird pr…


Saint Blondie.

(This is some weird pre-Easter meditation on @thatdeepandlovelydark ‘s GBU 70s AU Blondie’s aspiration for sainthood – now with added monastery cats.)

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@thatdeepandlovelydark @sybilius So, I’m sorry, but I got this thought re:oranges that’s so persistent
it won’t leave me alone:

What if, while they were on the road, Blondie got used to peeling oranges for Tuco like a
total uncivilized gremlin – first just biting a beginning into the fruit and
then ripping off the rind from there? Tuco probably finds this
unbearably sexy even still and Angel is just appalled when he first witnesses
it (’even the shittiest of knives could do a better job!’) Tuco just likes
the bitterness of the rind on Blondie’s teeth when he kisses him afterwards…

This is!!! Adorable oh my God

Also it leads in beautifully to D and I’s earlier chatter about how Blondie peels oranges – see on the road we rather thought it was unlikely he used knives too much simply because they didn’t often have them on hand. It also comes down to a difference in the way Angel and Tuco like their oranges– Angel likes them sliced, with the flesh exposed (and he’s good with knives of course so he can do this quite seamlessly). Tuco favors them peeled, so that the pith keeps the juice in and the slices are easy to pass about.

The prevailing headcanon after discussion was that Blondie picks up his skill with the knife after watching Angel Eyes do it (which rather amuses Angel) – but still peels them the way Tuco likes them. Tuco ends up liking this way of peeling them best because it gets the outer pith off quite well once Blondie gets good at the knife.

I adore the idea that he uses his teeth just to make Tuco squirm, and that Angel is surprised and amused by this quirky feral exchange between them :’) absolutely love that.

Anyways you communicate all of that so well with this– I love Angel’s slight confusion in the second panel wondering “why would you do that when Knife is right there” and then – Tuco all caught out in being blushy and Noticed. This is just so perfect!!! I’m sure Blondie is loving being Looked at ehehehe

Your art is always such a GIFT thank you so much for blessing the fandom wow.

me-fish: Here’s a quick lil’ comic after @tha…


Here’s a quick lil’
comic after @thatdeepandlovelydark ‘s mercifully open-ended GBU 70s!au prompt from a… long while ago. Pointless fluff ahoy! (I promised glacial pace, and I delivered! I’ve just been so darn busy.)



Hey I just thought of the dumbest/most hilarious fantasy!AU for the GBU

freaking CENTAURS


Sorry, Tuco. I couldn’t resist.

This has to
be the stupidest doodle in a while, lol.

me-fish: Today’s stress doodles / loose warmu…


Today’s stress doodles / loose warmups for the next project (an empty office is conductive to doodling on work-time, lol). Still
so floored from finishing Sighted crows in a desert of rime (X) by @sybilius I
have nothing intelligent to say.

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