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Would you be able to make a gif of Kelly telling Crapgame to "quit your bitching"? I mentally quote that so often. 🙂

Hi Anon! I just giffed that scene and posted it. 🙂 This is a very nice scene and I love Kelly’s Heroes so much! 🙂 Thanks for the ask! <3

Would you be able to do a gifset of scenes where Clint's using dynamite?

Oooh this is a very nice idea! I will totally do this! There are at least 3 movies that come to my mind immediately, maybe more. Please give me some time… unfortunately I´m pretty busy these days but I will do this asap! This will be fun!

Clint's voice is gorgeous. There's just something about it that's so beautiful and attractive. I could listen to him for hours. (and have done)

Yes! Totally agree! His voice is so special and can be soft and somehow threatening at the same time?! First I only knew Clint´s dubbed voice, cause his movies were only shown in the dubbed version on tv. When I heard his real voice for the first time I was so delighted! And it made him even more attractive to me. Btw I Iove his singing, too, because it´s sounds so cute. lol!

Prime Clint whump scene. Two Mules for Sister Sara when he gets shot with an arrow and Sara's trying to help him. That whole scene is perfect whump. With a bit of flirty drunk who just wants to snuggle thrown in.

YES! This scene is great and tbh really good acting. Imho he always delivers when it comes to whump. 🙂 I always wanted to gif that scene… I put it on my to-do list.

Hey I mostly just wanted to say hi and thanks for the blog. I mean I'm really glad there are still some people active in the fandom, I guess. Really a shame I was never into westerns in the past. Sure, Clint did enough other stuff, but still. Thanks to my dad being a fan as well, I got into his movies and have watched more than 20 movies with Clint altogether, so far. And I'm currently watching Rawhide, too.

@steamjunk90 Hey! Thank you so much and welcome to this nice little fandom! <3 yeah we are still here and it’s always great to find new people. Sometimes the enthusiasm of a new fan can revive the whole fandom. 🙂 Have fun (especially with Rawhide) <3 <3 <3

Kelly's Heroes definitely deserves more appreciation. It's one of the best WW2 movies ever. I love "stick it to the man" movies. The cast is amazing and they packed in so much humour but without losing realism. It's brilliant. Rant over. LOL. Also, I think I misused lanky to discribe Clint. He's long and tall but not in anyway ungraceful. Watching him move is a work of art.

Totally agree with you! Kelly´s Heroes is a great movie in so many aspects. <3 

And i love talking about Clint´s rangy or lanky frame. Lol. At least as Rowdy he´s quite lanky, it´s part of the character i guess. When it comes to Blondie (i.e. all three Men with No Name) i think he moves like a cat. I love it!


Hey. Your blog is awesome. I love it. I've just recently gotten into CE fangirling. I haven't watched any of the movies in a while. But recently had a binge watch and really realised just how freaking hot Clint is. Seriously, I would climb that lanky cowboy like a tree. Especially Blondie and Kelly. And High Plains Drifter is hotter than it has any right to be. 😀

Thank you sooo much! <3 <3 <3 and it’s so great to see new people joining the fandom! (The “fandom” is just a few lovely people tbh) I’m especially happy to hear that you like Kelly! <3 He’s one of my favorites but Kelly’s Heroes is pretty underrated imho. Anyway have fun with our lanky boy! 🙂

I just started watching Rawhide (because of this blog. Thank you) And I absolutely love Rowdy. He's such a beautiful pup. And I can't get over just how expressive he is. I'm not used to a Clint Eastwood character being so expressive but I love it. Also, I am a sucker for Clint whump and this show is quality whump.

Hi anon! That´s great! (Wooahh I made a Rawhide fan, lol!!) And welcome to this  lovely little fandom! I totally agree- Rowdy is gorgeous and so loveable. As much as i love other Clint characters, i enjoy it so much to see him being so expressive. Rowdy´s faces are priceless! Have fun! <3


Good Day, Mr Eastwood. Why didn't you play in "Once upon a time in west" really?

Hi anon! Sorry but this is no official blog of Clint Eastwood. I´m just a fan and have no connection with Clint.  c|:-.)

However, I guess I can answer your question anyway. 
As far as I know, Clint declined the role in “Once upon a time in the west” for differents reasons. After filming GBU, his relationship with Sergio Leone was quite shattered so he wasn´t too keen on working with him again. Moreover, he thought doing another Italian western couldn´t offer him any new experiences and he would just play the same character again. He was afraid to be pigeonholed as a “spaghetti western cowboy” and rather wanted to pursue his career in the US.  I hope this answers your question and thanks for the ask! 🙂


hey! you cosplayed the man with no name a while ago right? could you show some more photos of this? i really would appreciate it. Thx!

Hi anon! I feel a bit self-conscious about this. Actually I only visited some FOD/FFDM/GBU filming locations and couldn´t help but wearing some ‘Man with no name’ stuff. But i did it rather for myself and wouldn´t call it a proper cosplay. However I will put some pics in a separate post and hope you`ll enjoy it. <3