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Hi <3 What do you think about the movie “Coogan’s Bluff ” ? I find it cool:)

Oooooooh …  


Coogan’s Bluff 


could be one


of my 


guilty pleasures … 😉

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When I’m bored : I watch Clint .When I’m sad : I watch Clint .When I’m happy: I watch Clint. :P <3


BRAVO! That´s the spirit! c|:-.)

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Hi <3 What I hope is that one day I see Clint … I want that in this world it could be possible, only that, people! * One of my dreams impossible * Have you ever seen him in your life?

I wish you the best of luck and hope you can fulfill this dream!
Clint is still filming all over the world (he was in Paris at the end of August), so it’s a nice thought that it could be possible to get as close to him as this fan: 

 And no, I’ve never seen him in real life. The closest i got was to visit some filming locations. So it was at least the same place but with a gap of ~50 years… 😑

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Sometimes when I Watch Clint I wonder if I prefer him for the way he acts so good ;or for his beauty , incredible beauty…<3

Right? You just want to spend a peaceful hour watching a movie just for the plot and then HE shows up, with THIS FACE and all his chiselled glory. 😉 It´s hard to ignore.

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Hi<3 I remember the first time I watched “Where Eagles Dare”: I did not even follow the story …I was just watching Clint !!! omg :,)

Ohh if that ain ´ t me!!! 😉 “Where Eagles Dare” more like “How dare he be so cute while killing all these guys?!?”

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Love your stuff, but in addition to the man with no name can we have some love for Pvt. Kelly?

Woo-hoo! Thanks anon, this is great because I love Pvt. Kelly soo much! (and i´m getting on everybody’s nerves with it). So now I have an excuse to show more Kelly. I had some stuff about Kelly’s Heroes not very long ago, you can find everything in my Kelly’s Heroes tag. But i will be happy to spread more love for Kelly. 😉

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If you’re going to watch Scott, you should watch The Longest Ride first. Its the best movie. He’s also in the Fate Of The Furious. He isn’t in Suicide Squad that much. He is in Snowden towards the middle-endish. I have seen All his movies. Take it from a huge Scott crusher. The Longest Ride is his best movie.

Cool, so you somehow “discovered” Clint while watching Scott movies? This is cute and maybe it works the other way around for me. So I’ll definitely watch some of his movies. It´s not hard to motivate myself for this, lol.


Btw it amuses me a lot that you get tons of comparison pics whenever you´re searching for Scott.

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Hi<3 I love jazz, so I love Kyle (and you went to one of his concerts, so I think it’s the same for you: D) … And for Scott, he appears in some Clint’s films (Invictus, Gran Torino …) I’ve seen almost all the movies he plays in like “Suicide Squad”, “The Longest Ride” … well, he’s a good actor, is not bad,lol ^^:)


Cool, it´s nice to hear that!!!! I hoped he would turn out a good actor. A good friend told me, Scott was in “Snowden”, too. So i have to put his movies on my endless “movies to watch” list, too. <3 And yeah, i love Jazz! Kyle and his band are really awesome!! <3 <3 <3

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Hi<3 ! Have you seen “Honkytonk Man “? I only know it’s a sad movie :,(

Hi anon! Ohhh “Honkytonk Man” is one of my favorites! It´s very sad but it has also a lot of cute and funny scenes. Many people don´t like this movie – and I even can understand this bc it´s very unusual for Clint. Also the character he plays is …uhm…at least problematic , no hero at all… but still. It´s a nostalgic and melancholic movie and maybe that´s why i like it. And if you like (or at least can stand) singing Clint, you should check it out. He sings some good country songs here , e.g. together with Marty Robbins. And Clint´s acting in that film has a touch of older Rowdy Yates, so again making funny faces and so on.

Btw ….I admire your dedication to this topic and it´s always a joy to talk to you!

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“The Good The Bad And The Ugly Dying Soldier Scene” on Ytb …One of my favourites scenes of this movie<3

Totally agree! A great scene and imho one of the scenes which prove Blondie is really “The Good”. He shows compassion and comforts the young soldier without having his own benefit in mind. Blondie even leaves him his coat … and the universe immediately awards him with a cool poncho in compensation 😉

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