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stephantom: I have no explanation other than …


I have no explanation other than “I felt like it.”

Blondie’s serape is a recolor of this one by @valhallansim, cigarette pose by mahuyu-sim, six-shooter by @karzalee​, shooting poses by @waifusims and @a-luckyday, Blondie and Tuco’s beards by @lumialoversims, crosses by crackfox (but I’ll be damned if I can find a link for it now).

caiosantosart: Cowboy/Western Mage


Cowboy/Western Mage



Angel Eyes – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

rawhiiiiide: Rawhide + text posts (1/?) and ye…


Rawhide + text posts (1/?)

and yes. unfortunately, i do have more coming.

bleak-nomads: sybilius: @ave-arianna‘s drawin…



@ave-arianna‘s drawing of my happy happy girls, Sue and Castellan from Sighted crows in a desert of rime. Thank you, fren, for bringing these two to life :’).

A little bit about…

Sue is of the Vuntut Gwitch’in nation, but in the original fanfic , left her tribe to be with Castellan and in some sense, to rescue her. She is a strong and savvy hunter, and keeps her town from starving. In the fanfic she has a complicated relationship to her past which is hinted at. 

Castellan is a surgeon – which is unusual for a woman in the mid-late 1800s– but she wasn’t trained by any normal surgeon. Her ‘master’ as she refers to him (I don’t know that she ever knew his name), kidnapped vulnerable girls like her and used them for blood typing experiments. Being of sharp mind herself, she became one of his favorites and learned from him, even acting publically as an aide or apprentice despite being under threat from him at all times. Sue helped her escape from her entrapment and they fell in love. They made a go of it together in the Yukon wilderness, and eventually found a bit of peace, forced the space into somewhere where they could belong.

Sighted Crows is an entirely different story where they play secondary characters to a couple of cowboy assholes 😉 but in writing it, I found them to be far more interesting, and absolutely deserving of their own story. I’m taking a course in creative writing with an indigenous focus this term and hoping I might get a chance to flesh out a bit of their tale. 

In any case, they love each other very very much, and yes, Harold, they’re lesbians :’)

Thanks Ari <>


anintelligentoctopus: Inktober Day 11 Manco


Inktober Day 11


clinteastwood-blog:Trying to reenact an on-the-set pic of Clint…


Trying to reenact an on-the-set pic of Clint Eastwood at a filming location of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in the Desert of Tabernas, Spain. 

anintelligentoctopus: Two cowboys (or maybe the same…


Two cowboys (or maybe the same cowboy)

Made with HeroMachine 3

mrjayzee: Clint Eastwood as ‘the Man With No Name’ from the…


Clint Eastwood as ‘the Man With No Name’ from the ‘Dollars’ Trilogy. Had fun trying out some new brushes.

bleak-nomads: Some quick and dirty Blondeyes daemon sketches on…


Some quick and dirty Blondeyes daemon sketches on their plane for funsies. Daemons are animal companions from Philip Pullman ’s His Dark Materials trilogy. I’ll try and include some of the lore while I write about reasons for daemon choices. 

Angel Eyes’ daemon is Sentenza, and she is a desert-dwelling rattlesnake, of course. Daemons are supposed to be kept close by, and parting from your daemon is results in excruciating emotional agony – but within the HDM lore, benign witches go through an isolation process where they separate from their daemon ( often a long journey without the daemon through some kind of wasteland like a desert) such that the daemon can go for long distances and be their eyes elsewhere. I headcanon that Sentenza and Angel Eyes have been separated this way, mostly because of their mutual curiosity about the process and the utility of it. They spend most of their time together, especially since Sentenza is not a flying daemon so it’s harder for her to go for long distances. But it’s useful for spying purposes, and occasionally to unsettle people (in-universe someone without a daemon is either a zombie or a witch whose daemon is afar– either ways tends to set people on edge).

Naeviera is Blondie’s coyote daemon, I have canine headcanons for all of TMWNN’s daemons. Blondie seems the most hardened and impassive of the three, so he gets a wild coyote. Naviera is a smart and shrewd companion for him, and she’s very good at finding a path in harsh spaces. He calls her “Navy”, which is a bit of a joke between them regarding his gun (a Navy Colt)

In universe it’s consider extremely intimate and faux pas to touch someone else’s daemon, though daemon – daemons interactions are standard. Personally, I’ve always assumed that intimate lovers often touch the other’s daemon, or people with poor boundaries. I feel like Blondeyes are both 😛 Possibly when Angel feels like he needs space from their relationship, Sentenza stays with Blondie. It makes it easier for them to find each other later, since though daemons don’t know exactly where their other half is, they do have a bit of an internal compass as to where they are. Navy and Sentenza outwardly like each other more than Blondie and Angel do (sometimes daemon interactions reveal a lot more about human interactions).

Anyways feel free to hmu with questions or comments about the lore, or about Blondeyes specifically. My next fic bit is gonna involve Cudlip/Ben in an AU where daemons exist so I thought this was a good way to introduce the concept 🙂