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to the grave (post-canon Blondie, 843 wds)



Idk if you knew what you were in for when you sent this anon, but sorry, thank you, have a ficelet because I’m incorrigible.

For people reading this, tags here, and I’m assuming this is slightly canon with the hatefuck pwp I wrote when I got into this fandom 😉 

Sfw, but with mention of drinking, corpse looting, bones etc. etc. 

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(who built) the road – sybilius – Il buono il …

(who built) the road – sybilius – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:



I made an attempt at writing a drabble series, for once! 

12 drabbles of 100 words each, takes place between solitudinum and Sighted Crows and probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without that context. 

Might not make much sense anyways, but hey, it was a fun experiment!

Look what I’ve done (again. again)

blondeyes drabble (307 words, relentless fluff…


the one time they used the word ‘love’; and then cringed and proceeded to never do so again.

just some shippy bullshit that I felt like turning into something coherent 🙂

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bleak-nomads: sybilius: @ave-arianna‘s drawin…



@ave-arianna‘s drawing of my happy happy girls, Sue and Castellan from Sighted crows in a desert of rime. Thank you, fren, for bringing these two to life :’).

A little bit about…

Sue is of the Vuntut Gwitch’in nation, but in the original fanfic , left her tribe to be with Castellan and in some sense, to rescue her. She is a strong and savvy hunter, and keeps her town from starving. In the fanfic she has a complicated relationship to her past which is hinted at. 

Castellan is a surgeon – which is unusual for a woman in the mid-late 1800s– but she wasn’t trained by any normal surgeon. Her ‘master’ as she refers to him (I don’t know that she ever knew his name), kidnapped vulnerable girls like her and used them for blood typing experiments. Being of sharp mind herself, she became one of his favorites and learned from him, even acting publically as an aide or apprentice despite being under threat from him at all times. Sue helped her escape from her entrapment and they fell in love. They made a go of it together in the Yukon wilderness, and eventually found a bit of peace, forced the space into somewhere where they could belong.

Sighted Crows is an entirely different story where they play secondary characters to a couple of cowboy assholes 😉 but in writing it, I found them to be far more interesting, and absolutely deserving of their own story. I’m taking a course in creative writing with an indigenous focus this term and hoping I might get a chance to flesh out a bit of their tale. 

In any case, they love each other very very much, and yes, Harold, they’re lesbians :’)

Thanks Ari <>


bleak-nomads: Sometimes you just gotta draw th…


Sometimes you just gotta draw the ship dirty talking each other to death in evil

Reference here, with my thanks to whoever created it. 




Chapter 6: Lay down roots, strangle the permaf…

Chapter 6: Lay down roots, strangle the permafrost  | Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966):



And I have finally completed the northfic! Huge shoutout to anyone here keeping up with it, I’ll say my last words on it at @bleak-nomads 🙂

Aaaaah and so this story comes to a close. I’ve wanted to write something like this (a northern western fic) since I first saw The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, though I had no idea it would turn into a peculiar and screwed-up love story between one of the more unlikely but interesting ships I have been after.

If you’ve been keeping up with this, thank you ever so much, and I would love to hear any and all thoughts on it, so leave a comment if you can <3 Lots of love to @ave-arianna, @mcicioni-blog and @whilemybodyiswarm for all the encouragment and help. Thanks for taking this journey with me. 

Western Wanderer Ship meme (Blondeyes)


So I saw a ship meme circulating around the pasta fandom a while back and I thought “Hey I should do this for my ship!” and then a lot of the questions were far too modern sensibilities and didn’t even remotely apply to the ship I wanted to write it for. 

So here’s a ship meme specifically for cowboy couples who wander the desert and the plains 😀 Hope you all have as much fun filling it out/tagging as I did coming up with it

1. What do they do for work? (this can be canon, it’s just an interesting question 🙂 ).

Angel is a for-hire killer and Blondie is a bounty hunter/scammer.

2. Who is better at navigating?

Blondie, I think, but it’s relatively even.

3. Who is better at charming the townspeople?

Angel Eyes, when he wants to. This is mostly headcanon from the fact that he seemed to be able to become a civil war captain just….for fun (and for the gold). I think he’s great at intimidation but can also be very manipulative in an almost charming way. Blondie is just quiet. This often gets him respect but a lot of people also find it unsettling

4. Who gets them run out of town more often? (This can… absolutely be the same person, hah)

Evensies. On the rare occasion that Angel Eyes or Blondie is recognized and called out on it they might have to shoot out, which they are lethal together and almost invariably ends with the town standing down. Angel has more notoriety but more people know what Blondie looks like. Angel is a bit of a….whisper and a rumor in some places, so to speak.

5. Who makes the coffee over the fire in the morning?

They both sort of do– Angel gets up earlier so he sometimes makes it for Blondie. But he’s sort of rubbish at it, because he doesn’t drink it often. So the making is about even.

6. Who is better at starting fires? Who is better at chopping wood?

Equally good at starting fires though Angel tends to do it because Blondie is better at chopping wood. Angel is better at foraging wood, though.

7. Who is better at cooking over open fire? Any favourite camp food meals?

Probably Angel, who can make a decent soup they both like.

8. Can they both read? How does this come up in their relationship (ie. Reading together, teaching the other to read)

Blondie and Angel can both read, though Blondie finds anything more than a newspaper or a wanted poster rather difficult. This doesn’t really come up for a while but eventually when they settle down up north they get to reading together.

9. Do either smoke? How do they get when they can’t get a smoke? 😉

Yeah, they both do. And i think they both get pretty tense. Blondie gets very forlorn and Angel gets sort of grumpy.

10. Who is better at taking care of injuries?

Hmmm tough call but I think Angel. He’s at the very least quite adept at dealing with his own injuries, I think he can even do an uneventful stitch if he has the equipment. I think he’d 100% get weird if Blondie was injured, probably try to get him to stay in an inn in town and recover but also take off and not stick around because wHaT aRE feELIngs

11. How do they deal with being sick?

I think stay out of town, bundle up in the desert with a good tent. Staying in town runs the risk of someone getting the jump on them while they’re stuck. Though if they need a doctor, sometimes there isn’t much of a choice.

12. Who always wants to go swimming when they come across a stream?

I think Blondie surprisingly but he’s not like, aggressively enthusiastic. They are both alright with it and low-key enjoy it.

13. Who is better with the horses? Do their horses have names?

Mm Blondie. I don’t think either of them name their horses.

14. What changes when they realize they have feelings for each other? How does that hash out?

Lmao, judging by my fic, run from feelings, beat each other up in a cave, decide to run away up north together and not talk about why.

15. Are they open about their relationship in company, coy, or completely secretive?

Pretty secretive. Contrary to how easily Sue reads them in the northfic, i think they’re hard to figure out (she really just reads them as similar to her– also you don’t go for this long a journey without having something  with the person you’re with). Most people think they’re rivals until they leave or get a room together. Then they just sort of don’t know what to think. They’re not remotely affectionate, even in private really.

16. Do they prefer sex on the open road or sex in a nice inn room?

I think both for different reasons? They just….they like having sex, idk that they’re super picky.

17. What’s the weirdest place they’ve had sex?

They’ve definitely done it in a church, broken in at night or something. They’ve probably done weirder but that’s what’s coming to mind.

18. Who cuddles when it gets cold at night? Big spoon/Little spoon headcanon?

Blondie, and he’s the big spoon. Angel pretends to mind but he really doesn’t (and he sort of hates that).

19. What piece of clothing are they always stealing from the other?

They’re not that kind of couple really. Angel might get curious about Blondie’s poncho but I don’t think he has any desire to wear it.

20. Do they ever go it alone? Why? How do they deal with being apart?

They sort of function apart from each other for a while and just stay in each other’s orbit for a while before deciding to stick around. I think Angel doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, but Blondie probably goes on self-torture loops of “why the fuck do I do this with him” and numb not thinking about it at all. But that’s his attitude towards his job and most of his life decisions tbh.

21. Did they ever think about settling down? Where?

🙂 They do and I wrote a fic about it!

Tagging: @chunchomunos, @bloncos, @geekboots, @tintenfischie, @elfbert, @anintelligentoctopus, @withaviewlikethis, @mcicioni-blog if you want to go for it!

Chapter 6: Lay down roots, strangle the permaf…

Chapter 6: Lay down roots, strangle the permafrost  | Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966):


And I have finally completed the northfic! Huge shoutout to anyone here keeping up with it, I’ll say my last words on it at @bleak-nomads 🙂



Angel Eyes: Blondie and Tuco may not wholly trust each other but they have an alliance they have used against me. If I go for the gold, I must be careful not to put myself in uncertain situations between them.

Angel Eyes, agreeing to a Mexican standoff for the aes: Unfortunate…