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Added two new markers to my Copics collection, drew my comfort character to see how they worked :’)


@girlfriendsofthegalaxy I scoured my blog and then the internet to find this image which is what I imagine Angel to look like flustered


“Ah già, dimenticavo… lui me ne ha dati mille. Sai, voleva che io ti ammazzassi…Il guaio è che quando uno mi paga gli porto sempre a termine il lavoro, e tu dovresti saperlo”

Sentenza Il Cattivo


Like you. I’ll bet they don’t call you Angel Eyes.


Two can dig a lot quicker than one.



I hope it's not too late. Can you do Ainley!Master (an incarnation of The Master) from Doctor who dressing up as Angel Eyes from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly please?


what a powerful energy op


Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (1966)

also. Angel Eyes 🙂 🙂 🙂

First impressions: …aw what a nice dude eating the soup. (I knew there was a Bad! I didn’t know it was him!)

Impressions now: Lee Van Cleef is way cool y’all.

Favourite moment: the whole “a golden haired angel” bit, both cos of what it says about his prior partnership and the one he’ll have…

Idea for a story: I suppose I Could tell a story about how he learned weird blood magic for Animal Magnetism.

Unpopular Opinion: …do I have any? Hmm. I do figure he’s lying through his teeth about believing Blondie wouldn’t talk under pressure, but attracting flies works better with honey.

Favourite relationship: …no wait THIS is the unpopular opinion, which is to say if he’s shagging anybody I figure it’s Wallace. Er. See, this is why I figure fic and canon should be gently detached, cos my strict movie read and what I’m willing to write are so different here!

Anyway in fic it’s the Trio. Bless.

Favourite headcanon: …soup.