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First impression

He seems kind of quiet and in his own world, I can appreciate that. I think I like him.

Impression now

Hello 70s au, character headcanons, fics, in depth analyses, and backstories 💕💕💕

Favorite moment

It’s two moments that….okay three moments. The one where he’s leaning through that (ladder?) thing, nodding in encouragement at Tuco to assure him he has his back when they’re in that abandoned town place. The second is when he gives that soldier his cigar. The third is the scene where he lights the canon. I lied, there’s a fourth. Sharing his cigar with Tuco after the latter’s fall out with his brother.

Idea for a story

I think @bleak-nomads had a photoset/moodboard I absolutely fell in love with that was hinting at a vampire au and I secretly wanted to write that

Unpopular opinion

He’s not all that good! The kitten scene doesn’t count! Kittens bring out the best in people no matter what!! If I handed you a kitten in a cowboy hat you will coo over it and pet its lil head too! I demand the irb committee to review this study and i propose a new one without baby animals bc that’s basically cheating

Favorite relationship

I find his relationship with angel eyes very……interesting. I could probably write an entire dissertation on it but I will refrain

Favorite headcanon

Someone said his name was Daniel and I basically ran with it



And I will tell you my:

  • First impression

“Clint Eastwood is overrated”

  • Impression now


  • Favorite moment

When he squints at Angel Eyes with such undisguised loathing in the end mexican standoff. unf. 

  • Idea for a story

Buddy, BUDDY, B U D D Y. 

nah but I’m writing about 70s Blondie right now! he’s in an art gallery with his assassin boyfriend and is feeling both religiously conflicted and a little sad about his absent hustler boyfriend. 

  • Unpopular opinion

He’s not a good guy at all, he just occasionally and clumsily does good-ish things. Does a hell of a lot more bad ones. 

  • Favorite relationship

Fuck. I’m contractually obliged to say Blondeyes, but also like. The Trio I’m so goddamn fond of might actually be equal now. 

blondeyes had my heart first though <3

  • Favorite headcanon

I’m really really happy with the whole “I don’t think it’s possible for me to be good, so I’m just going to half-heartedly be bad and then clumsily do good and feel guilty about it” complex. Like giving Blondie poor relationship to his own narrative is just a good thing in general, and I love the different and complex ways @thatdeepandlovelydark has done it as well. 

julies-andrews: The Good, the Bad and the U…


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), dir. Sergio Leone

madstuart: madstuart:Neither drawing dudes no…



Neither drawing dudes nor drawing real people is my forte, but I’m practicing Angel Eyes here just in case.

And a half-assed attempt at a Blondie, for similar Reasons ™











me-fish: Saint Blondie. (This is some weird pr…


Saint Blondie.

(This is some weird pre-Easter meditation on @thatdeepandlovelydark ‘s GBU 70s AU Blondie’s aspiration for sainthood – now with added monastery cats.)

artpunksy: Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood