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Day 3-Cowboy Cinema Obvious choice! 🤠


Per un pugno di dollari (A Fistful of Dollars) 1964 dir. Sergio Leone


Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Directed by: Sergio Leone, 1966.


Some 10min little sketches that I don’t have time to complete…


003, Blondie?


How I feel about this character: L O V E. i love him. not as much as i love Joe (from fistful) or Silence, but a lot. protec.

Any/all the people I ship romantically with this character: ggod uhhh. tuco and angel eyes, almost entirely thanks to stephantom and sybilius at the start, and now thanks to a lot of people ahahaha

My favorite non-romantic relationship for this character: well, it’s a one-way thing since pablo probably barely even knows blondie exists beyond “that pretty yet sun-baked dude who’s dumb enough to be traveling with my brother”, but the effect that pablo has on blondie is really deep??

i don’t know, there are a pretty limited number of people that blondie talks to outside of tuco and angel eyes but. he doesn’t seem to give a shit about empathizing with tuco until he sees that tuco has some backstory. 

i think it’s terrifyingly easy for blondie to justify all of his really brutal behavior toward tuco because all he knows of tuco up to this point is like…tuco’s own selfish brutality toward him. blondie has never HAD to consider what made tuco like this. 

and i do wonder how much of his decision to leave tuco alive at the end was a result of this one humanizing interaction with pablo. so to me, that’s a really powerful implication of how blondie was changed by pablo.

My unpopular opinion about this character: HAHA, this IS surprisingly unpopular in this fandom–i do actually think he’s a good person. 

no, the kitten does not count. (who doesn’t like cats, right??) but there’s also him being outright nice to tuco when he easily could have emotionally devastated the man after they leave pablo, comforted the dying soldier, and (maybe this is a morally grey opinion, but…) i think all the people he kills have been pretty thoroughly established as being some really evil people who knew what they were getting into.

i tend to think that he used to be good-er..? he comes off as really horribly jaded and burnt out. he’s like. if a millenial were in a western haha

his characterization feels (to me anyway) like he wishes he could believe that there is some kind of overall meaning to morality and Do-Gooding but something made him able to care less and made things feel bleak beyond repair. 

something sharply limited his assessment of the scale in which things CAN matter, and also serves as proof to him the relative unimportance of any violent acts he commits.

to me, blondie reads like someone performing palliative acts of small comforts in a “universe is flatly indifferent” kind of world.

so now he engages in small occasional kindnesses and does what he needs to in order to survive, and accepts his own immorality as justified in an unjust world.
or possibly i’m just projecting because i like the character ahahahaha

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: i wish someone had hugged that poor bastard and like…made him a sandwich or something. gave him some ice cream and told him to play nice.

Favorite friendship for this character: HAHAAAA probably tuco even though it’s an incredibly unhealthy ““friend””ship (are they……even really friends though) because they’re just so fun to watch

My crossover ship: i don’t have one, i guess, but i would  L O V E  for blondie and roland (from the dark tower books) to meet, especially if the other main characters met too

i would absolutely go for some crappy dark tower/gbu pwp, especially if it was incredibly aware of all the meta shit going on in a tongue-in-cheek way ahahahaha


Random Blondie sketches

I don’t feel comfortable posting these messy sketches drawn with my original weird artstyle but whatever here they are I’m gonna go hide in a bush now


Some more stupid sketches from screenshots

I feel like I’m contaminating the tags with my cringey trash


Lee Van Cleef & Clint Eastwood aka my baes, 8.27" × 11.69", acrylic paint on cardboard paper


Some sketches I did from screenshots of the movies. I changed his face a little bit to fit my artstyle tho because I don’t give a frig👏

Fun fact: the official Chinese translations of A Fistful of Dollars and Red Dead Redemption are THE SAME: 荒野大镖客. A few days ago I casually checked the tag 荒野大镖客 on Lofter hoping to see some RDR2 fanart and I saw a photo of this guy. This is how I got to know about this literally-older-than-my-parents trilogy. I finished watching all three yesterday instead of revising for my exams but I don’t regret it…


First impression

He seems kind of quiet and in his own world, I can appreciate that. I think I like him.

Impression now

Hello 70s au, character headcanons, fics, in depth analyses, and backstories 💕💕💕

Favorite moment

It’s two moments that….okay three moments. The one where he’s leaning through that (ladder?) thing, nodding in encouragement at Tuco to assure him he has his back when they’re in that abandoned town place. The second is when he gives that soldier his cigar. The third is the scene where he lights the canon. I lied, there’s a fourth. Sharing his cigar with Tuco after the latter’s fall out with his brother.

Idea for a story

I think @bleak-nomads had a photoset/moodboard I absolutely fell in love with that was hinting at a vampire au and I secretly wanted to write that

Unpopular opinion

He’s not all that good! The kitten scene doesn’t count! Kittens bring out the best in people no matter what!! If I handed you a kitten in a cowboy hat you will coo over it and pet its lil head too! I demand the irb committee to review this study and i propose a new one without baby animals bc that’s basically cheating

Favorite relationship

I find his relationship with angel eyes very……interesting. I could probably write an entire dissertation on it but I will refrain

Favorite headcanon

Someone said his name was Daniel and I basically ran with it