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Crapgame: How did we get talked into this mess?
Kelly: It took ten seconds to talk you into this.
Crapgame: But we were supposed to ride, not walk. Nobody said anything about mines or shlepping this machine gun all over the country!
Kelly: Why don´t you quit your bitching and just remember what’s at the end of the line!

Kelly’s Heroes (1970)

Clint in “Highway Patrol” (1955)

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Clint Eastwood, Eric Fleming and Paul Brinegar pose for the Rawhide sculptures of Season 7 by artist Pamela Smith Simpson (x)

Clint Eastwood and his stars at the premiere of “Richard Jewell” at AFI FEST November 20, 2019

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Clint Eastwood as John McBurney in “The Beguiled”

Clint & dynamite  (requested by anon)


Clint Eastwood on the set of
Hang ‘em high (1968)