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black-talon: Here are some sketches that I di…


Here are some sketches that I did for the Western art station competition and a rendered up version of my favs, Josie and Jonathan. 

I wanted to do a slight twist on the western genre by adding a supernatural element. Below is a summary for what I had in mind.

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Lee Van Cleef speaking Italian (as opposed to being dubbed into Italian) is some uncanny valley shit.

This video claims to be from 1968 and Van Cleef notes he’d just made Commandos and Beyond the Law, but he is wearing his wardrobe from Sabata, which was released in Italy in September 1969 and there is no way they were shooting that in even December of 1968.

And in case you’re wondering, Van Cleef has the saloon destroyed because they don’t have any lemonade for him.

Totally delightful. His Italian was fractured, but comprehensible. He honestly admitted that in the US his name had been quite small, but after his time doing Italian Westerns his name had grown quite a bit. He looked genuinely frightened at first (“Italian, very difficult language”) but answered the question whether Hollywood or Italian Westerns were better intelligently (“In Italian Westerns characters are types, like [ancient] masks.”)

Loved the (self-referential????) Line about wanting lemonade and orange drinks instead of whisky and gin – the fact that he was a heavy drinker was well-known in Italy since Few Dollars More.

Sergio Leone memorabilia – “Western” exhibitio…


Photo I took of Sergio Leone memorabilia displayed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Very impressive to see this passport Sergio Leone had in the eighties. It was displayed at the Western exhibition at the “Montreal Museum of Fine Arts” alongside other stuff like his script of “Once Upon a Time in the West”. A whole room was dedicated to his movies and it was so awesome to see how his movies still captivate people.


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For A Few Dollars More -Filming location comparison

The bank of “El Paso” (today Oasys Mini Hollywood) 1965 on the left and 2016 on the right



Gian Maria Volonté, Lee Van Cleef, and Clint Eastwood, drawn from watching For a Few Dollars More




rinzorinzo: Clint Eastwood. Oilpainting on can…


Clint Eastwood. Oilpainting on canvas. 50x40cm.

deathrace2000: ever wonder what would happen …


ever wonder what would happen if I skipped cleaning up / lineart & coloredright from the sketch




gbu + the mincing mockingbirds guide to troubled birds