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like a coin that won’t get tossed – sybilius -…

like a coin that won’t get tossed – sybilius – Da uomo a uomo | Death Rides a Horse (1967) [Archive of Our Own]:



Making good on my promises, for @mcicioni-blog. A short Ryill story, in two sides, love and hate. Hope you enjoy it!

For those who read the earlier story, here’s the second half 🙂 



Poster for “Death Rides a Horse” Da uomo a uomo – 1967 by Giulio Petroni







Pasta Tarot Deck (Major Arcana)


With input from @chunchomunos, @of-beasts-and-fire and with encouragement from @tintenfischie and @shit-lizard. Discussion welcome, a useful reference is here


The Fool – Paco (The Mercenary)

The Magician /The Juggler – Cuchillo (The Big Gundown)

The High Priestess – The Widow (The Big Gundown). 

The Empress– Columbia (The Mercenary)

The Emperor – Ramon Rojo (A Fistful of Dollars)

The Hierophant – Sante (A Bullet for the General)

The Lovers – Ben and Cudlip (Beyond the Law)

The Charioteer – Joe (A Fistful of Dollars)

Strength – Manco (For a Few Dollars More)

The Hermit – Silence (The Great Silence)

Wheel of Fortune – Tuco (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

Justice – Corbett (The Big Gundown)

The Hanged Man – Chuncho (A Bullet for the General)

Death – Rip (Kill and Pray)

Temperance – Ryan (Death Rides a Horse)

The Devil – Nino (A Bullet for the General)

The Tower– El Indio (For a Few Dollars More)

The Star – Scott Mary (Day of Anger)

The Moon – Angel Eyes (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

The Sun – Adelita (A Bullet for the General)

The World – Blondie (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)



I am FAR too amused by this shot.

There and Back – mcicioni – Da uomo a uomo | D…

There and Back – mcicioni – Da uomo a uomo | Death Rides a Horse (1967) [Archive of Our Own]:


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Da uomo a uomo | Death Rides a Horse (1967)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bill Meceita/Ryan
Characters: Bill Meceita, Ryan, A few OCs
Additional Tags: References to family violence. M/m relationship implied.

Two of Ryan and Bill’s stagecoach “runs”, from the point of view of a female passenger.

Western Wanderer Ship Meme (Ryan/ Bill from De…


I will SO be late for brunch, but how can I miss a chance to waffle on about my latest passionate obsession????

What do they do for work? In canon, nothing, because they are seeking revenge from the same four people. In my wip, they get jobs with a small stagecoach company in New Mexico.

Who is better at navigating? Ryan, although Bill is not too bad.

Who is better at charming the townspeople? Neither, really. At a pinch, Ryan is marginally less hopeless.

Who gets them run out of town? Both, because they both have a tendency to shoot villains dead.

Who makes coffee? In canon, almost certainly Ryan. In my wip, Bill, because he finds Ryan’s coffee too weak.

Who chops wood? They take turns. Both sort of believe in fairness.

Who is better at cooking? Ryan, both in canon and in my wip.

Do they smoke? Ryan does (a pipe). Bill doesn’t, but doesn’t object to the pipe.

Who is better at taking care of injuries? Ryan (he’s more experienced). Re. Bill, no spoilers for my wip.

How do they deal with being sick? Both are typical Stoic Western Heroes (the “ain’t nothin wrong with me” school)

Who wants to go swimming when they come across a stream? Bill might be tempted, if Ryan manages to get him to admit it. And he would be a strong swimmer.

Who is better with horses? Do the horses have names? Bill is marginally better. His horse probably has a name, but I haven’t thought about it yet.

What changes when they realize they have feelings for each other? In canon, nothing (deep tearful sigh). In my stories, Bill rides back to El Viento. They are Stoic Western Men and therefore say very little, it’s all in the looks and touches.

Are they open about their relationship? Neither says one word about it, but they ride together, take jobs together and live together in a shack with one room and one bed. I believe that each thinks of the other first and foremost as a friend.

Big spoon/ little spoon? Ryan is the big spoon, although he is slightly shorter than Bill.

How do they deal with being apart? Easily, both in canon and in my stories, because each has been a total loner until they met. When apart, they do what they have to do quickly and competently, and think of the other while they are having breaks.

Settling down? In canon, each of them probably wanders alone until the end of his days (deep sigh). In my stories, they do, but they probably would not call it “settling down”. They’d call it something like “gettin an honest job”.

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“I would have liked to have had a son like you”


So this is canon. In Italian and English. As is the final line, “Good luck, son.” In Italian, Ryan addresses Bill as “bambino”, small boy, and in German it’s roughly the same (Kleiner): slightly less “preferred reading”, and it makes sense in the context of the film, since Ryan looks at Bill and sees the small boy he rescued.
Now, is there ANY room for a queer reading here? I’m going to give it a shot, although what I know about queer readings could fit on twoA-4 size pages.
Comments and objections most welcome.
How reliable is Ryan? “I would have liked to have had a son like you, so that I could have had someone to avenge my death?” Is that the ONLY reason he would have liked a son? If it is, then Ryan is deranged and belongs in an institution. If it isn’t, could he be disguising some other feelings not connected with revenge?
He never mentions any women, wives, female partners, sweethearts with whom he could have had a family (not just a son). Also, he has just spent 15 years in a violent all-male environment. And there are no women in the film, except for Bill’s mother and sister (who die in the first 10 minutes without uttering one word) and a Mexican girl who sort of looks at Bill, but he does not seem interested.
So what is Ryan doing? Could we read the scene as Ryan attempting to define the relationship in the only acceptable terms he can think of?
Not sure if any if this makes any sense.