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Some more soft gays for y’all…Blonco in the 60s from 70s au :’)


Finally finished all my Xmas cards so here’s some of that good gay shit with 70s Blondeyes :3


Added two new markers to my Copics collection, drew my comfort character to see how they worked :’)


This man.


*The Wildest West


“Ah già, dimenticavo… lui me ne ha dati mille. Sai, voleva che io ti ammazzassi…Il guaio è che quando uno mi paga gli porto sempre a termine il lavoro, e tu dovresti saperlo”

Sentenza Il Cattivo


Inktober #16: Wild

Your move…


It is a lovely day in Sergio Leone’s fantasy west…

…except for those three horrible geese.


two of diamonds, ace (of hearts)


He didn’t have the words to say that it’d been a while since he’d trusted anyone, he’d never had someone at his back without plans to immediately get rid of them as a liability, this was somehow different that then very stressful day trips she kept sending them on and it started to open up a future where the desert didn’t leach everything from his bones. He didn’t have the words to say this in Latin or English or Spanish, so he didn’t.

odd diversity of misery and joy, by @girlfriendsofthegalaxy


The Good