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Luce and Heda


Christ this is uhm, romantic. 

Blondeyes art gallery date. 

Here’s some links to the art referred to in the story:

The Lute Player

Judith Slaying Holofernes (Gentileschi), The Entombment of Christ, The Calling of St Matthew,  Judith Beheading Holofernes (Caravaggio), Still Life

Le Retour de l’Enfant Prodigue

Also, some art of my own, about the last scene 🙂


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doc title: what am i doing with my life



this is 700 words that doesn’t advance the plot at all but does have a number of very good visuals imo and mild whump

in the same fnv/GBU ‘verse as odd diversity of misery and joy

thank u @teacupnatasha for answering my questions about b l o o d

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aaaaaaah this was so delightful. so so delightful.

I’m absolutely here for these two taking care of Six. and damn, I love her relationship with Arcade, he’s so beleugured. Someone save this woman from herself, and let Arcade have a fucking nap. 

Six managed to look smug behind the bandages along her scalp and the ice-cold sarsaparilla held to her bruised throat.

“STOP BITING PEOPLE, SIX.” Arcade continued fussing, frantically flipping through a fragile textbook. “I don’t even know how to test for some of these things! What if he was rabid? Do you have his head? No, no, even you aren’t that concerning yet.”

sdjflksajdflj this is so funny in the details, sarsaparilla, is that a FNV thing? love that so much. Six biting people is very very her. But tbh I was living for this:

Angel paused in the middle of getting a light from Blondie. “Just got the wind knocked out of her. Life’s precious- biting is a perfectly reasonable way to break a hold.”

1. cute, hot, gay, LOVE IT 2. I can see why Six is okayish with Angel and Blondie manhandling her, cause they still know she’s dangerous shit. 

her little “thank you” at the end was to die for, love it. glad to hear from this ‘verse again thank you for sharing!!!!

‘ere’s another bit of Confeitor


I have officially lost track of what’s happening with this, I think, but it’s going in interesting directions. Tuco’s POV….more or less. 

….he’s asleep, the idiot. 

Didn’t know it worked like this, that too much tiredness and brandy and rabbit stew could lull Angel right out of the picture. Course, I’ve been waiting my chance. And it could always be a trick- maybe he’s waiting me out. Offering a rope to hang myself with. 

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confeitor, part 5


wee ficlet when I was inspired to get back to this after Syb’s Amazingly Amazing Thing. Blondie’s POV

Strange thing, watching those hands now.

Skinning the rabbit, gutting the creature without a trace of concern- steam coming off in scents of blood and foulness. Angel doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

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The struggle leaves me with two things. First, a sharp, intimate awareness of the labyrinthine space in which a soul may couch himself in this vessel. Enough for me to carve out a fair portion of the mind to allow him space of his own, but with very limited control over any movement or physical form.

Second. My cock is now hard.


Inspired by Confeitor.

@thatdeepandlovelydark writes amazing fics and I’m over here in the peanut gallery like. What if they FUCKED.

Anyways, thanks D for letting me play in your sandbox <3

two pair and a red trilby – sybilius – Il buon…

two pair and a red trilby – sybilius – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:


A young Mexican hustler and his golden-haired partner strike it unusually lucky one night, and take with their winnings what little comfort they can share together.

70s AU, but would be about 1959 by the timeline.


Hey I wrote this fantastically explicit porno precluded by a character chatting about why he’s a gay-would-be-catholic-priest-converted-from-protestant, so you know it’s definitely one a fic in the specifics if nothing else. 



in which I have repurposed two phrases by @prompting-writer, by way of beat poetry

takes place not long after Tuco and Blondie have fled to the priory

“What have I missed more? The sunlight and the warmth, or the cold and the need for you?”

There’s a smattering of applause, to the apparent delight of the breathless purple-haired student taking her bow; Tuco joins in more for the sake of unobtrusiveness than desire. This poetry slam, it’s more depressing than he’d counted on.

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not a gatehouse scene


but taking place during that long strange Lent. Probably towards the end. 

(following up, among other things, on the Pablo/Tuco discussion about what this monastery’s for and veiled reference to the church’s abuse scandal. Mentioning that in case it’s triggering.)

“For christ’s sake, put the gun down,” Blondie snaps. “We’re in a holy place.”

“He’s right,” Tuco says, quietly. “Have a little faith, Angel. In my brother if nothing else.”

“I hardly know your brother,” Angel says, evidently unmoved. “Do you two seriously think that incense and stained windows would stop police from doing, what needs to be done? Or that they’d stop me?”

Tuco’s never been sure, how one could bite a lip so hard the blood flows; but his are pressed together so thin it hurts. There’s far more anger mixed into it than he trusts himself to admit right now. Nobody should be pacing around a chapel like this, weapon at the ready and checking ammo- maybe he’s not the most pious believer, but it sickens him with a ferocity that he’d hardly have imagined himself capable of. 

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not the way the world ends – deepandlovelydark…

not the way the world ends – deepandlovelydark – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:


…the logical conclusion to “Yes there has been an apocalypse, no it does not make any difference to the characters’ lives”- in which I stubbornly refuse to specify what that apocalypse actually is. 

So a slightly tidied up version of that ficlet I trialled on here the other day, in fact. 

you let it – sybilius – Il buono il brutto il …

you let it – sybilius – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:


Apparently if I love a ship enough I will still write questionable poetry about them.

Well, that and if I perceive they could take the idea of poetry.