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blow a kiss, fire a gun chapter 9: 1:1 broc flower and xander root:


Angel hated bodyguard jobs. If your employer died, you failed and didn’t get paid, and he was never sure which was worse. No good way to gather more intel in the middle of a job or pursue alternate options. So much easier and less stressful to kill people than keep them alive. Well, he wasn’t technically Six’s bodyguard, he thought, digging out a med kit. This was an exploration/salvage job, not a bodyguard job, so if Six died from getting hit in the head one too many times he hadn’t technically failed and was in the clear, he thought, a little manic.  


An intertextual analysis/meta/whatever the heck this is of Rawhide, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and The Incident of the Two Hundred Thousand, fanfiction by @thatdeepandlovelydark

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Part 2/4: Characterization, the Visual-to-Text Medium, and on Seeing who you love (and who you don’t) in fanworks.  

(Part 1)


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Incident of the Two Hundred Thousand – deepandlovelydark – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:


“Of course I couldn’t be Rowdy Yates,” Blondie says, adjusting his poncho self-consciously. “He’s soft, he’s a pushover. Not like me in the least.”

“Bet you could,” Tuco argues, downing his fourth tequila. “Though that story, I wouldn’t have you for partner. Maybe that Favor fellow would work out.”

“Or not. You think either of those cowboys would make suitable adversaries for us?” Angel Eyes inquires, puffing out a smoke ring.

“Only one way to find out, you know…”

GBU/Rawhide crossover, now edited and compiled for A03 in one easy-to-read-package.

implicit to the act – deepandlovelydark – Dollars Trilogy RPF [Archive of Our Own]:


…I have committed RPF. 

that being said I think I write the best dang Sergio Leone narration 


“…endless open roads? I’d have thought this would be your notion of nirvana.” 

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two of diamonds, ace (of hearts)


He didn’t have the words to say that it’d been a while since he’d trusted anyone, he’d never had someone at his back without plans to immediately get rid of them as a liability, this was somehow different that then very stressful day trips she kept sending them on and it started to open up a future where the desert didn’t leach everything from his bones. He didn’t have the words to say this in Latin or English or Spanish, so he didn’t.

odd diversity of misery and joy, by @girlfriendsofthegalaxy


I’d written several letters, from Blondie to Tuco, and from Tuco to Blondie, and from Angel to Tuco– but not one from Blondie to Angel. So here is one. And a story to go with it. 


Dear Angel Eyes,

I never thought I’d learn to play the guitar. 

Well, once. 

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like way post canon


“I wish,” Angel Eyes says, his tone crisply redolent of menace, “you wouldn’t say that. Unless it’s a genuine emergency.” 

“I think this counts as an emergency.” The vast pile of pillows shifts, but only slightly; Angel’s already prying away a few colorful cushions. Hell of a predicament… 

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have you ever looked at this game and thought “hmmm I need at least 400% more bullshit happening at all times?” 

you’re in luck! i’m in the middle of writing a the good the bad and the ugly/fnv crossover! if you want two very tall very sad cowboys to kiss, with f!Courier Six aggressively modelling a healthy poly relationship with Veronica and Christine, you’ve come to the right place! three works so far:

odd diversity of misery and joy: post- Second Battle for Hoover Dam, Six sends the boys to clear out the Legion safehouse….but…there was only one bed….

lucus a non lucendo: a bit of fluff about constellations, from the prompt “

I wish you would write a fic where the sad cowboys go stargazing and kiss in the dark and then awkwardly pretend it didn’t happen :3″

blow a kiss, fire a gun: slow burn mutual pining idiots to lovers, Six is caught up in wasteland politics and undoing House’s neglect to the city and the boys are stuck in an idiot plot.

postcard to a half forgotten brother – deepandlovelydark – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:


heyyy @shiny-good-rock I did use one of your prompts! read to find out which lol

dang I am so much more willing to be crude in the 19th century stuff