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The Grey Desert Mythos | Chapter 4: tabula ras…

The Grey Desert Mythos | Chapter 4: tabula rasa:


In the Naa’in town of Tweechik, where many strange outcasts gathered, there lived two men of the West, a hunter and a killer. There are many stories of Tweechik about them, this is their last.
So you know how people say “kill your darlings” about writing? Wellllllll here we are. The completed Blair Witch/The Good, the Bad and the Ugly crossover that no one asked for.

bleak-nomads:   It’s a night so cold that br…



It’s a night so cold that breath crystallizes even with roaring fires at both ends of the saloon. The wind is howling full tear outside, rattling against the wooden latch. It would be murder to try and shut the door. Not that there are many patrons, only a few shivering at tables and a man with an unlit cigar tapping his gloved fingers on the counter.

Corvus oculum corvi non eruit- Sighted Crows in a Desert of Rime – Moodboard



another excerpt from blair witch– I really liked this concept.

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excerpt from the Blair Witch bullshit I felt like posting:

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what would the ideal vacation for blondeyes be…

what would the ideal vacation for blondeyes be and/or what would they think it would be

this is a fucking excellent question thank you bec you are my hero.

man so in some ways I feel like the road north is sort of what Angel would have imagined a vacation of sorts to be like – or at least something like (who built) the road. I can imagine he was thinking like “let’s climb a mountain and have really dodgy sex in caves, maybe creep out a few townspeople and leave a fucking legend in our wake”. In any case they’d need something that keeps them busy but allows them a little bit of peace, but they’re bad at peace, so vacation doesn’t really suit them all that well. Also anything that allows for new and ridiculous sex scenarios is a plus. But I think Blondie has a bit of a panic if anything goes too well so he’s likely to do something to self-sabotage and Angel is likely to do something stupid for the aes, and you know. So maybe I’d say they should vacation with Sue and Cas (poor Sue and Cas, lol), or with the rest of polyfam. 

Polyfam should go to Disney, I think – the one close to LA. That’s all I’m gonna say on that 😉

This might be better answered in a modern au setting….with Verdict Three vibes in the back of my mind I always imagined an ideal modern!Angel as thinking a skeevy Las Vegas vacation was the best possible thing, you might remember in the original Tallahassee au concept they drive down to a motel and actually have a cute time and makeout on the beach and are soooorta almost honest with each other for once. There’s a variant on that in the second act of Verdict Three, but it takes place in these cute little nowhere villages on the Gulf Islands off of Vancouver.

So imagine like, sweet small seaside town, little bullshit market that Blake absolutely hates, but obscure bookstore where Vin buys Blake the book like in (who built) the road. They still get to make out on a beach, but it’s a rocky thing with little tidepools where Vin remarks that barnacles have the largest penis-to-body ratios of any animal with a straight face, and Blake absolutely cannot fucking believe he is in love with this man, and yet, here we are – they almost have a moment where it all seems like it’s going to go well before the shit hits the fan the next day, anyways. 

Three of Spades, Two of Clubs – Chapter 1 – sy…

Three of Spades, Two of Clubs – Chapter 1 – sybilius – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:


I gathered up three of my favourite ficlets from @bleak-nomads and posted it as a series, along with two more new ones 🙂 

Is the Blondeyes tag searchable yet? Maybe. 

14, Manco/Mortimer

14, Manco/Mortimer

I guess this is an au to A Name’s Witness where Manco goes back and says what he means to Mortimer right away :’)

There were a lot of things I wish I’d said, while my head was still throbbing from the goose egg on my forehead, lips burning from the rasp of his mustache and the warmth of his hand.

I’ve never had anyone I could trust like you.

I don’t regret it.

I’d do it again.

I still want to do it again.

The cart is piled high with the hell-bound corpses, but I can still see Mortimer’s horse on the horizon. He’s far, but I’m pretty damn sure his horse is slower than mine.

You know you’re the first person I’ve told my name to in years? The only one that’s still alive.

And what’s gonna happen to him, now that he’s closed up that chapter of his life’s work. I glance over to the impressive pile of bounty. Well, hell. What’s gonna happen to me?

Without thinking too hard about it, I sling one leg over Riddle and dig my spurs in hard. He can hear me coming, because he slows down his ride.

“What are you doing, boy?”

“You forgot somethin’ of yours, old man.”

“Alright,” Mortimer pauses, eyes downcast, lingering on my face. God above, why won’t he look at me? I swallow, not about to let fear stop me now.

“Well then?”

I put my hand into his outstretched, then before I loose my nerve, lean over and kiss him on the lips. It’s clumsy and I almost fall of my horse, but– it’s what I mean, really.

I turn my eyes up, a little afraid I’ve scared him. But he seems thoughtful, if still staring ruefully at the horizon.  

“Alright. Alright,” he shakes his head, looking me in the eye for the first time since I rode back. The things I should have said to him rush through my mind like a herd of wild horses.

“Next time, nothin’,” is all I manage.

He smiles, and even with that. I know I’ll get a chance to say everything I want to.

There and Back – mcicioni – Da uomo a uomo | D…

There and Back – mcicioni – Da uomo a uomo | Death Rides a Horse (1967) [Archive of Our Own]:


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Da uomo a uomo | Death Rides a Horse (1967)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bill Meceita/Ryan
Characters: Bill Meceita, Ryan, A few OCs
Additional Tags: References to family violence. M/m relationship implied.

Two of Ryan and Bill’s stagecoach “runs”, from the point of view of a female passenger.

sournote2014: “Off balance and still unnerved…


“Off balance and still unnerved by his narrow escape, [Pachuco] was blown almost to the outer edge of the wall before he could brace himself. As his arms windmilled frantically to restore his balance, the wind whipped the coil of improvised rope from his shoulder and sent it flying off into the darkness.”

– The Million Dollar Bloodhunt by Joe Millard

(who built) the road – sybilius – Il buono il …

(who built) the road – sybilius – Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) [Archive of Our Own]:



I made an attempt at writing a drabble series, for once! 

12 drabbles of 100 words each, takes place between solitudinum and Sighted Crows and probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without that context. 

Might not make much sense anyways, but hey, it was a fun experiment!

Look what I’ve done (again. again)