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quick question but who calls the guy they’re literally trying to catch, a “golden haired angel” like who does that

Someone with a crush?

old-west-coast: elfbert: I’m fairly sure you’…



I’m fairly sure you’ll hit more with your eyes open, Rowdy….

Fave/Rowdy, fightin’ styles. 

As long as Rowdy sticks to fighting this guy, he’ll be fine:


bleak-nomads: bleak-nomads: chunchomunos: wow…




wow Douglas Mortimer means dark water dead sea

The Ultimate Goth ™

#my name is douglas mortimer and i have dark hair that looks like a dead water or something#thats how i got my name#and i have dark eyes and also a moustache#people tell me i look like lee van cleef (an: if you dont know who that is get the hell out!)#im not related to tumblr user withaviewlikethis but i wish i was bc shes a major hottie#im a goth if you cant tell#for example today i was wearing basically what every dude in this era wears except in black#it was bright and sunny out which is just how it is in new mexitexazona#clints character was squinting in my general direction#i put up my middle finger at him

dailyscotteastwood: Happy Father’s Day Cli…


Happy Father’s Day

Clinton Eastwood Jr.

alextrager: Help you, sir?


Help you, sir?

bleak-nomads: I felt contractually obliged to …


I felt contractually obliged to do this.

happy holidays everyone (sorry not sorry)



oh yeah, fun bonus from the other day: this screencap where it looks like everyone is super drunk and Joe is just having a grand old time rolling around on the floor, which i also feel wouldn’t be at all out of character

geekboots: so upon the 500000000th rewatch of …


so upon the 500000000th rewatch of A Fistful of Dollars, i noticed that Joe is like craning his neck trying to see how much money Lady Baxter has in that drawer, probably so he can decide whether to steal it

what a piece of shit and also i love him



So we have this Clint Eastwood mug in our cupboard and no one knows where it came from it’s just sort of been accepted in the mug collection, anyway my dad just dropped it and the handle broke and I look up from my work to hear him sadly go ‘goodbye Clint’ before whistling The Good The Bad and The Ugly theme tune as he dropped it into the bin with this forlorn expression on his face and that’s the story of how my dad broke Clint Eastwood

dare-g: This is the best outfit in this film


This is the best outfit in this film

a jean uniform 

a juniform