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Clint in “Highway Patrol” (1955)

Thanks @chevvyyates!

Clint Eastwood hand appreciation post


“Joe Kidd” and his WTF?! moment 

Some Clint whump…
Thunderbolt fixing his dislocated shoulder (”Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”)

30 DAYS CHALLENGE  Clint Eastwood

DAY 24 –   A gif from your favorite movie with Clint 

30 DAYS CHALLENGE  Clint Eastwood

DAY 5 – Your favorite character – BLONDIE!!!!

Blondie & Tuco – evil hurt/comfort  (Bonus gifs to Blondie´s whump)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Obviously I giffed the fish-slapping scene from “Every which way but loose” at some point and then forgot it in my drafts