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Just a wanted to put it out there- I’ve been crazy busy trying to get ready to go back to school. I’ve been working a lot and trying to see my friends as much as I can before I go back. That being said- if I don’t reply to you immediately, I am not ignoring you!! I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things, I have a lot of pastas I wanna watch!! : )))

Hey, remember that pic of Lee I drew the other day? Well- here’s another one!! I used a couple reference pics for this, mainly one from and old noir film. I like this a lot better!! I’m actually really proud of it, I’m gonna make an acrylic painting 🙂

Currently drawing Lee Van Cleef at work, but I have no eraser and messed up his nose, so now he’s Lee the red nosed reindeer. Once I get home I have to fix not only his nose but his jawline. Lee is fun! When you draw him think narrow. Like narrow everything

(Also if you can tell by the paper this is on i work at a pharmacy lol)

Spot the difference

I made a tweet about the amount of Gorillaz posts in the Clint Eastwood tag and am currently being lit up by the Gorillaz twitter fandom, how have your guys’ day been?

I don’t know if anyone here likes country music, but you should check out Trixie Mattel’s music regardless! He’s a drag queen with an amazing album. This particular song reminds me of Chuncho and Tate

Westerns Aesthetic: The Man with No Name from Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy

Me: I want to create a very serious fan mix for A Bullet for the General
Also me: Chuncho’s theme song is Boy Problems by Carly Rae Jepsen

Blondie: The young queen that walks in, who you immediately know is gonna win. Rocks every competition, top 3 every week. Runway looks are LEGENDARY. Never has to lipsync for their life, but could TURN IT OUT if they had to. Also, doesn’t do well in the team competitions (just goes off doing own thing)

Angel Eyes: Absolute LEGEND in the scene, been doing drag longer than you’ve been alive. Knows all the tips, tricks, and what looks good on them. The Shady one, constantly getting into fights with other queens in the Untucked. Also, probably a pageant queen. 

Tuco: the one everyone thought was gonna go home 2nd episode but is an actual contender. Comedy Queen but can still turn out a lipsync. WINS THE READING MINI CHALLENGE. Struggles in the runway looks but humor and personality always saves them from lipsyncs. Think Peppermint in Season 9. 

I’ve been trying to do some sketches of Clint recently and to my surprise the hardest part of his face to draw is not all his wrinkles but his nose