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bleak-nomads: Angel Eyes – 70s AU Moodboard (…


Angel Eyes – 70s AU Moodboard (3/??)



Publicity photo of Eli Wallach and Maureen Stapleton in play, “The Rose Tattoo” in 1951

in the family of things- sybilius – The Good T…

in the family of things- sybilius – The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966) – The Silmarillion [Archive of Our Own]:


Tweechik is stitched together with freaks and misfits, each carrying the weight of their own story. But most of them would call themselves human, begrudgingly or otherwise, and part of something like a family.

When an Elven half-orc searching for his centuries-missing brother is shot on their borders, all who call the town home do their best to hear out his story.


I promised ya’ll a crazy story, right? Well here you have it. A complete multichapter on “my favourite elf turns up in Tweechik”. I don’t pretend this work is relatable, or even that coherent plot wise. It’s a lot of character study centered around a specific mysterious plot that fits into a greater whole that I just sort of point blank refuse to address here. 

But I also think it’s a good story, and good character study, and you know, I’m proud of that.

So if you give it a read and like it, let me know <3 all my thanks to Mary Oliver’s wonderful poem.



Hey gun fact (get it like fun fact), the Remington Arms company also made typewriters back in the day. 

For context, the gun that Angel Eyes carries is a Remington.



French Titles of Italian Westerns

The Big Gundown = Colorado (search me …)

Bullet for the General = El Chuncho (makes sense!)

Death Rides a Horse = La mort était au rendez-vous (Death was at the appointment / meeting) (just as melodramatic as the English title)

Beyond the Law = Pas de pitié pour les salopards (No Mercy for the Bastards) ( just as vague as the Italian and English titles)

Hope this info made your day.

When Westerns Were Un-American

When Westerns Were Un-American:


while this article strangely neglects to mention The Great Silence (no less Un-American then any film it did mention, it’s creators where inspired to make it by the deaths of Malcom X and Che Guevara after all), goes on a tangent about soviet movies that have little to do with spaghetti westerns or leftist thought, and misinterprets the relationship between Paco and Columba in The Mercenary, it’s still probably the best exploration of the trend spaghetti westerns had to have leftist themes, something that’s unfortunately frequently forgotten  



Yojimbo x For A Few Dollars More

konoira:i’m in love


i’m in love

clinteastwood-blog:Remember my Good, Bad and Ugly LEGO guys? Now…


Remember my Good, Bad and Ugly LEGO guys
Now meet my other Clint Eastwood’ish minifigures … Pvt. Kelly, Jed Cooper and Harry CallahanThe Man with No Name is waving in the background.
And nope, i regret nothing. c|:-.)