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been playing around a few weeks back with this character icon creator

and made our favourite western trio Blondie, Angel Eyes & Tuco!



If you live near a Harkins you can see these on the big screen soon!!



Wes Block – Tightrope | Light and Shadows [2|?]

sybilius: queen of hearts, king of hearts, (j…


queen of hearts, king of hearts, (jack of hearts)


He pulls back, brushing Angel’s sharp cheekbones with his bare hands. God, his eyes. Manco can’t tell, in this light, if they look more like the flinty certainty of a bitter antihero tired of picking up the gun, or cool and snakelike, the devil drawing the hero in with so much guileless lust.

He deserves his name. Manco has to give him that much.

The way he looks at you, you almost think you deserve yours.

the cinematics of semantics, by @sybilius

missholson: “Well, Grimes here, he’s… I guess…


“Well, Grimes here, he’s… I guess he’s about even with me.
Astrachan’s a little better on a good day.
And Davis is just dog nuts.
He’s a lot better.”

Ted Post: Magnum Force (1973)

missholson: Clint Eastwood: The Eiger Sanctio…


Clint Eastwood: The Eiger Sanction (1975)

cowboys-and-gods: I made this one merely for …


I made this one merely for fun, and inspired on an rp I am doing with a friend of mine.

blondeyes 1-O ohohohohoooo

blondeyes 1-O ohohohohoooo

Local murder snake is most definitely NOT receiving affection from his sleepy hunter partner, nope, not happening






Some sketches I did from screenshots of the movies. I changed his face a little bit to fit my artstyle tho because I don’t give a frig👏

Fun fact: the official Chinese translations of A Fistful of Dollars and Red Dead Redemption are THE SAME: 荒野大镖客. A few days ago I casually checked the tag 荒野大镖客 on Lofter hoping to see some RDR2 fanart and I saw a photo of this guy. This is how I got to know about this literally-older-than-my-parents trilogy. I finished watching all three yesterday instead of revising for my exams but I don’t regret it…