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missholson: Clint Eastwood: The Eiger Sanctio…


Clint Eastwood: The Eiger Sanction (1975)

cowboys-and-gods: I made this one merely for …


I made this one merely for fun, and inspired on an rp I am doing with a friend of mine.

blondeyes 1-O ohohohohoooo

blondeyes 1-O ohohohohoooo

Local murder snake is most definitely NOT receiving affection from his sleepy hunter partner, nope, not happening






Some sketches I did from screenshots of the movies. I changed his face a little bit to fit my artstyle tho because I don’t give a frig👏

Fun fact: the official Chinese translations of A Fistful of Dollars and Red Dead Redemption are THE SAME: 荒野大镖客. A few days ago I casually checked the tag 荒野大镖客 on Lofter hoping to see some RDR2 fanart and I saw a photo of this guy. This is how I got to know about this literally-older-than-my-parents trilogy. I finished watching all three yesterday instead of revising for my exams but I don’t regret it…



I watched the Dollars Trilogy this past week and had to draw Clint Eastwood and his anime legs. Plus his badass goth bf. Real talk tho, Van Cleef’s face is so handsome but so difficult to get right smh



First impression

He seems kind of quiet and in his own world, I can appreciate that. I think I like him.

Impression now

Hello 70s au, character headcanons, fics, in depth analyses, and backstories 💕💕💕

Favorite moment

It’s two moments that….okay three moments. The one where he’s leaning through that (ladder?) thing, nodding in encouragement at Tuco to assure him he has his back when they’re in that abandoned town place. The second is when he gives that soldier his cigar. The third is the scene where he lights the canon. I lied, there’s a fourth. Sharing his cigar with Tuco after the latter’s fall out with his brother.

Idea for a story

I think @bleak-nomads had a photoset/moodboard I absolutely fell in love with that was hinting at a vampire au and I secretly wanted to write that

Unpopular opinion

He’s not all that good! The kitten scene doesn’t count! Kittens bring out the best in people no matter what!! If I handed you a kitten in a cowboy hat you will coo over it and pet its lil head too! I demand the irb committee to review this study and i propose a new one without baby animals bc that’s basically cheating

Favorite relationship

I find his relationship with angel eyes very……interesting. I could probably write an entire dissertation on it but I will refrain

Favorite headcanon

Someone said his name was Daniel and I basically ran with it

yodaprod: Clint Eastwood, Firefox (1982)


Clint Eastwood, Firefox (1982)

bleak-nomads: Blondie – 70s AU Moodboard (2/…


Blondie – 70s AU Moodboard (2/??)

madstuart: Neither drawing dudes nor drawing …


Neither drawing dudes nor drawing real people is my forte, but I’m practicing Angel Eyes here just in case.