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The Great Silence (Il Grande Silenzio) | Sergio Corbucci | 1968


Here are some Italian Western sketches that I did.


Clint & dynamite in “Two Mules for Sister Sara”


One of those I’d die for you memes but for pasta characters. discussion welcome as always


i love this


Scott Eastwood as ‘El Diablo Jackson in Diablo, 2016.
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Original Japanese 2-panel poster for Sergio Corbucci’s excellent 1966 Western, DJANGO, starring Franco Nero, Loredana Nusciak, Jose Bodalo, Eduardo Fajardo, Gino Pernice, Silvana Bacci, and Remo de Angelis.  The Japanese title for DJANGO is ZOKU KOYA NO YOJIMBO  The Japanese title for Sergio Leone’s A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS was KOYA NO YOJIMBO which means FRONTIER BODYGUARD; so, DJANGO’s Japanese title basically means ANOTHER FRONTIER BODYGUARD, or FRONTIER BODYGUARD AGAIN!  Almost as if it was supposed to be tied in with A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS. 


Lee Van Cleef showing off his new suit

Lee Van Cleef when someone insults his new suit 



Western of the day: A Bullet for the General 

(I bought the DVD used to let’s hope it works and this won’t be another Django Kill… I’m still bitter about that because the little I managed to see of it was enough to make me change my opinion about Tomas Milian as an actor)

– I appreciate that they’re actually speaking Spanish because in the other zapata westerns I’ve seen (… well, I’ve only seen two tbh…) I don’t remember them doing so. The theme song is also in Spanish and it’s pretty great. On the other hand, there are no subtitles whatsoever, so I can’t always make out what they’re saying.

– Gian Maria Volonte is such a charismatic actor. I loved him in For A Few Dollars More. (I have to rewatch A Fistful of Dollars sometime soon, I’ve seen it like four times but I’m still not sure what happens in it because I’ve been drunk every time)

– Is that fucking Klaus Kinski again? He pops up in a lot of these. A despicable person but a great actor. His outfit is whack. Btw, I can buy Volonte playing a Mexican, but Kinski? Oh, please.

– For a while there I thought Chuncho was propositioning Niño… Oh, well. That seems to be the nature of these movies.

– Hey, ummm, this is really gay. He just killed one of his men for Niño. And thankfully saved us from a rape scene.

– Chunco’s outfit is to die for.

– “I thought you didn’t like women” yeah you’re not the only one

– Why does this soundtrack sound so familiar? I sure as fuck have never seen this movie before, but some of the music sounds so familiar I must have heard it before. It’s a good soundtrack, so I’m not complaining!

– Oh, Chuncho. I love this troubled man. 

– Niño, you dead-eyed weasel, you kinda had that coming. Lmao the guy playing him was so stiff and stone-faced but it kind of fit his character so I don’t mind.

– Here’s to hoping Chuncho got away safely and found a more worthy young man to ogle at!

– Yeah! I liked this one!

really glad you liked it!

Lou Castel being stone faced and stiff as Niño was defenitly a character decision, he’s way more expressive in say, fists in pocket (a clip to prove it: )


The Great Silence (1968)

Blu-ray 2018