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rachaeltad-writes: As obsessed as I am with Western AUs I don’t think I could write one. As in…


As obsessed as I am with Western AUs I don’t think I could write one. As in literally write it to be read.

Westerns for me are so special because of the aesthetic and tone those films give off. That sense of space and desitution and lawlessness, from the ochre colours to the wide vitas, squinty protagonists and wistful looking villagers that all suddenly comes crashing down in an ASSAULT of gunfire and horses hooves and twangy guitar.

Maybe other writers can capture that spirit but for me Westerns belong so firmly in film that I don’t think I could do them justice.

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shamrockcelebrations: Clint Eastwood stars in: The chaotic good, the neutral evil, and the honestly…


Clint Eastwood stars in:

The chaotic good, the neutral evil, and the honestly not that bad looking.

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Well I just started following you (I didn’t know anybody else enjoyed GBU or even made headcanons) so for the character thing why not Blondie (he was my favorite)

Oh wonderful, good pick!

Blondie– Keep in mind if you’re familiar with Dollars trilogy I tend to think of TMWNN as three different characters, which I’ll continue to do so here.  

  • What I like about them

The weird dubious morality of him. I think there’s a lot you can work with headcanon wise as a character.

  • What I dislike about them

Lol the film takes him….so seriously *broods into middle distance* Like I think based on his actions he’s very flawed and his motivations are ambiguous at best. I also am less fond of his designation as ‘the good’ since I like him as a more greymoral/evil character and I think his actions in canon reflect that more strongly. 

  • Favourite moment

Honestly, the part where he squints with utter loathing at Angel Eyes during the Mexican standoff is so good. 

A close second is ‘God hates idiots’, HAH. 

  • Least favourite moment

Hard to pick a specific moment? The moment where he ditches Tuco in the desert is something else because it seems like…such a dumb thing to do, you know, like if you’re going to screw him over like that why not kill him so he doesn’t come after you later? But it’s that kind of self-destructive and selfish stupidity that leads to some of my favourite headcanons for him, so I can’t say I’d want it taken out of the film. 

  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more

I mean, selfishly, any situation where he and Angel Eyes interact more. Shipping aside, I’d like to see them have conversations or maybe see them as more sustained rivals in a different context. GBU focuses a lot on the Tuco and Blondie interactions and I’m just…not as interested in those, heh. 

  • An interesting AU for this character

Oh god I have SO many Blondeyes AUs but one of my favourites is mine and @cudvac‘s medieval AU where Blondie is a disgraced knight, Tuco is a minor lord of sorts greedy for more land, and Angel is an assassin for hire. It ends up being surprisingly emotional for both of them.

Another good one is the modern Talahasee AU (named for The Mountain Goats album) which is Blondie/Tuco/Angel Eyes modern au. Blondie and Angel Eyes are shady lawyers, Tuco is a criminal with a history with Angel Eyes. It’s horribly self destructive and has a terrible end but it’s a great story. 

In terms of non-sad AUs, well I guess the northfic that I’m working on right now qualifies as canon-divergence. 

  • A crossover

I cross him over constantly with other dollars trilogy folks, does that count? I think @cudvac and mine’s Dollars trilogy/polycest au is probably the most well developed of those, which is mostly cute and sweet fluff with a good lead up story. There’s a lot to explain about this au so I’ll just leave it at that.

  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship)

Blondeyes 🙂 it’s my favourite spaghetti Western ship anywho. God knows why, I just think they’re interesting. 

  • Other ships?

I’ll read Blonco and I’ve liked some of it. Oh also Captain Clinton/Blondie was something @cudvac and I discussed as sad and good. Oh and in polycest au, Manco/Blondie is a great ship. Manco is so good for everyone. 


This is selfish but my OC Sue from the northfic is probably my favourite friend for him. 

(I just realized the delicious irony of naming an OC Sue….HAH). 

  • NOTP

Eh, not really with anyone? I’m not a huge fan of sweet/fluffy Blonco, it has to be shitty people being shitty to each other for it to appeal to me. 

  • An assortment of headcanons!

Did work as a bounty hunter before Tuco, he and Tuco have definitely been sexually involved but it didn’t really mean anything to them, has no hobbies except riding around aimlessly, wishes constantly he was a better person, very passive, cats love him but he doesn’t really know why. Bad with children. Good with injuries and staying calm under pressure. 

Thanks for the ask, anon! And if you want to know more about the spaghetti western fandom on tumblr, send me a PM or something 😀 

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solitudinem fecerunt, pacem appelunt: 6, 13, 15 :D :D :D (or fic of your choice if you’d prefer)


6: What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?

Oh god um….so many things? I think I’ll stick with saying that Angel Eyes and Blondie have a dynamic that’s so different from anything I’ve ever written– so that’s unique and strange and keeps me coming back to them. Then of course there’s the obvious narration style. I’ve done more than a few experimental things, especially in my early fics, but I think this is the most successful instance of me trying something unique and it really paying off. 

13: What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn’t listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?

bdsjfkhkdsalhfddahklhdsa just let me link you to the playlist that’s supposed to describe GBU through to the end of the fic (why am I like this)

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

First, regarding the narration style– deliberately avoiding first person pronouns not only can be done, but it’s also fascinatingly isolating. So not something I’d do an entire story on, but definitely something to use as an effect when necessary. 

Second um. I learned I’m capable of writing much more violent nsfw just for the aesthetic? Like it wasn’t till after the fact when someone pointed it out to me in the Ao3 comments that I even really noticed because I just wrote….the sex that made sense for them. So uh. interesting I guess? 


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bloncos: Even a tramp like me, no matter what happens, I know…


Even a tramp like me, no matter what happens, I know there’s a brother somewhere who will never refuse me a bowl of soup. (x)

#IM !! REALLY !! FRICKED UP !! ABOUT THIS !! #i love the dimension they gave tuco #by showing him fighting his brother like that #and also?? it rlly shows?? how GOOD blondie is?? #like he doesnt even ask even though he watched that interaction #but just offers him that symbol of friendship #AND IM FRICKED UP ABOUT IT

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The man with gunsight eyes: Top 10 LEE VAN CLEEF movies


Below, Rare Cult Cinema’s tribute to one of the best and most menacing anti-heroes in movie history. Lee Van Cleef is a true acting legend and the coolest gunslinger of all time, behind only a certain other poncho wearing western star.

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bleak-nomads: For @cudvac and others– gifs explaining why I…


For @cudvac and others– gifs explaining why I think Hannibal and Angel Eyes are similar as characters

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Strange critical snippet




This is how famous Italian film critic Tullio Kezich saw For a Few Dollars More (the hasty translation is my own):
“The nameless gunman only feels the need for a father figure. He is less tough with older men, such as the Prophet and the Colonel (…) He is a repressed, inhibited, withdrawn, vaguely homosexual character.”
Mr Kezich, if you were still alive I would seriously ask you if you and I saw the same film.

I feel like I kind of see where this critic is coming from, even if I disagree with it. Manco is gentler with the older men he interacts with in the film, especially those who seem to have something to teach him. “Vaguely homosexual” probably refers to his disinterest in Mary.

I disagree with the idea that Manco sees Mortimer as a father figure, since a lot of their interactions frame the two of them as equals. But I think with clever cherry picking it wouldn’t be unheard of to argue it – – Manco does cede to Mortimer’s instincts for planning quite a bit.

The conclusion is what feels the most inconsistent with this interpretation, seeing as Manco surpasses Mortimer or at least stands as equal with him in the final duel. But it’s interesting to think of Mortimer’s departure as letting go of a father figure.

What I find strange is not so much the Oedipal angle, which I can sort of see at the beginning (say, until the end of the mock duel with the hats). And then, as you say, things even out, the pupil surpasses the master, and they part, because the father/son, or mentor/pupil, relationship is over. (And then fan writers take it up, develop it and carry it further).
What I find downright weird is the collapsing of “gets on with older men” and “vaguely homosexual”. Not all mentor/pupil relationships are homoerotic, imo. And “vaguely homosexual” at the end of a string of negative adjectives smells of homophobia, to me at least. OK, this was written around 1968, in Italy. But still.

True, the wording of it is weird and it does feel like a kind of homophobic leap there to tack on “vaguely homosexual”, right after calling him “repressed” and simply noting that he seems to get along relatively well with older men.

I don’t disagree with the description of him as “repressed,” “inhibited,” and “withdrawn” though–I see those traits in him too and they’re part of what makes him an interesting character to me. “Repressed” is unfortunately linked in many people’s minds with homosexuality, to the point that it is sometimes used as basically a euphemism for it. In reality, one does not imply the other. But if a character seems to be repressing something, it opens a door for interpreting any repressed trait into the mix. Still. Just declaring “vaguely homosexual” like that’s a personality trait (or implied flaw, even?)… Weird.

Regarding the father/son angle–that does seem to me to be what the audience is intended to see regarding Mortimer and Manco. Repeatedly calling each other “boy/my boy” and “old man” (literally a nickname for “father”) in the English translation, right up to the end, makes this pretty indisputable for me. The characters are at the very least playing with those roles.

The critic is suggesting that Manco comes across as more interested in those relationships than any others, which I guess you could argue is true. (Though, I’d say it’s true of the genre on the whole too. Westerns seem to focus on homosocial male relationships, like war movies and buddy-cop shows.) If a character is primarily interested in a certain kind of homosocial relationship, even if it’s not obviously sexual, that could be something to speculate on, and it certainly leaves room for reading plenty of motivations, traits, identities, etc. into the characters (hence, lots of slash fanfic is based off of texts and genres that focus on homosocial relationships). But I think the critic here is probably taking for granted some old bullshit theories about the psychological/developmental causes of homosexuality (namely, the idea that a bad, weird or nonexistent relationship with a father could make a son turn out gay and that a man being gay has some direct connection to “just wanting a father”). Saying, “One could read this character as being gay and it wouldn’t contradict anything major in the original text or reduce it, and I have an interest in that reading” is pretty different from saying, “This character is vaguely gay because I just think that’s what gay people are like.” The critic is doing the second, which is problematic, and vaguely offensive.

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Women in Westerns: Sally in Beyond the Law




I keep wondering about how viewers could read Sally and her function in the narrative. There are at least 3 possible readings.

1. She is what the gay critic Robin Wood calls a “disclaimer”, namely someone whose function is to reassure the viewers that the male character(s) are Not That Way. I tend to see Sally in this light, my evidence being Cudlip’s awkward efforts to convince her that a mature man has advantages and the fact that he says to her “I want you. I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you”.

2. She is Cudlip’s attempt to become respectable and integrate into the Silvertown community through a heterosexual bond. This reading seems plausible, but why should Cudlip give respectability priority over the bond with Ben? Wouldn’t he be cutting his nose to spite his face? And what’s the evidence that “I want you etc” is a lie?

3. She is a brief emotional interlude. Cudlip does want her, but realizes that she isn’t interested in him: differences in ages and backgrounds are serious obstacles to marriage, whereas they are not in a partnership with Ben. So he says a sad “let’s stay good friends” to her, looks at Ben dancing, and gets his priorities straight (so to speak).

Further opinions most welcome!

Some great thoughts and interesting readings here. You know I tend to favor 2. and honestly I’ve been looking for an excuse to chat about that, so here are some thoughts of mine.

under the cut, the queercoded reading of BTL you never wanted, hah. 

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This is wonderful. It’s the queercoded reading I ALWAYS wanted. I find it difficult to recode/re-orient canon texts, but when someone does it so elegantly and articulately, what can I do but applaud? Love the way “I want you. I’ve always wanted you” and “there are things not even soapy water can wash away” can be re-coded so that they change the whole context. Will keep this as an example of How To Recode. Even though I am not entirely convinced that Sally throws herself at Cudlip: I believe that she flirts away, but she is not seriously interested. She is the one who first suggests “staying friends” and never really looks at him again after they part. When she is freed, she runs to Papa and stays with Papa.
But oh, the joys of gossiping about characters, thank goodness for fandom. And thank you.

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