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Western of the day: A Bullet for the General 

(I bought the DVD used to let’s hope it works and this won’t be another Django Kill… I’m still bitter about that because the little I managed to see of it was enough to make me change my opinion about Tomas Milian as an actor)

– I appreciate that they’re actually speaking Spanish because in the other zapata westerns I’ve seen (… well, I’ve only seen two tbh…) I don’t remember them doing so. The theme song is also in Spanish and it’s pretty great. On the other hand, there are no subtitles whatsoever, so I can’t always make out what they’re saying.

– Gian Maria Volonte is such a charismatic actor. I loved him in For A Few Dollars More. (I have to rewatch A Fistful of Dollars sometime soon, I’ve seen it like four times but I’m still not sure what happens in it because I’ve been drunk every time)

– Is that fucking Klaus Kinski again? He pops up in a lot of these. A despicable person but a great actor. His outfit is whack. Btw, I can buy Volonte playing a Mexican, but Kinski? Oh, please.

– For a while there I thought Chuncho was propositioning Niño… Oh, well. That seems to be the nature of these movies.

– Hey, ummm, this is really gay. He just killed one of his men for Niño. And thankfully saved us from a rape scene.

– Chunco’s outfit is to die for.

– “I thought you didn’t like women” yeah you’re not the only one

– Why does this soundtrack sound so familiar? I sure as fuck have never seen this movie before, but some of the music sounds so familiar I must have heard it before. It’s a good soundtrack, so I’m not complaining!

– Oh, Chuncho. I love this troubled man. 

– Niño, you dead-eyed weasel, you kinda had that coming. Lmao the guy playing him was so stiff and stone-faced but it kind of fit his character so I don’t mind.

– Here’s to hoping Chuncho got away safely and found a more worthy young man to ogle at!

– Yeah! I liked this one!

really glad you liked it!

Lou Castel being stone faced and stiff as Niño was defenitly a character decision, he’s way more expressive in say, fists in pocket (a clip to prove it: )



The Dollars Trilogy movies, best to… least best, according to me (I can’t bring myself to say ‘worst’, I just, I can’t):

1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

2. For a Few Dollars More

3. A Fistful of Dollars

Sorry, Fistful, but you’re the weakest of the three IMO.

All three movies get an A+ for music though, I just… Ennio Morricone’s scores for all three films are perfection.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)


Westworld season 2 is starting up this weekend, which means I should probably get caught up on season 1 sooner or later.  In the meanwhile, here’s a good old-fashioned Western, sans crazy androids.

Leone captures the ecstasy of filmmaking in this expansive Western opus.  Much as I hate the term, this movie is
fucking iconic.  It defines the essence
of the Western genre and the American Wild West, even though it was shot more or less entirely in Spain, and
large fractions of the cast are clearly speaking Italian throughout.  It’s all here: expansive landscapes, tense
standoffs, and hidden loot.  Clint
Eastwood might now be a crazy old coot who yells at empty chairs and directs
jingoistic garbage, but in his heyday, he was the consummate mystery man of the
West, executing every squint and cigar chomp with panache and flair.  Ennio Morricone is the ultimate hype man with
his ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ theme, though he also does a masterful job of evoking
Copland-esque stirring brass chorales and searing mariachi trumpet at the same
time.  And we are treated with perhaps
the best cemetery in cinematic history, in full dizzying kaleidoscopic glory.




one Western trope and drink when it occurs:

  • Standoff
  • Shootout
  • Fancy
    horse riding.
  • Quick-draw


  • Someone
    lights, chews on, or shares a cigar.
  • ‘Ecstasy
    of Gold’ theme starts. (Maybe sing along too)
  • Terrifying
    religious pottery.
  • HOW
  • Obvious
    dubbing, verbal or instrumental.
  • Chapped
  • Tuco
    crosses himself.
  • Union
    or Confederate armies are mentioned.
  • Blondie
    clicks his tongue.


  • Tumbleweeds.
  • Angel
    Eyes finishes the job.
  • Gun
  • Tuco
    consults his map.
  • Random
    fly appears onscreen.
  • ‘Good’,
    ‘Bad’, or ‘Ugly’ intertitle.

LIVER TRANSPLANT WAITLIST MODE *Only for those who know the name on the

  • Drink
    every time an intense stare-down begins.

what’s your favorite canon moment of cud…

what’s your favorite canon moment of cudvac?

It’s a REALLY close toss up between the end moment where Ben says very emotionally to Cud “We are your friends” </3 AND that freaking adorable moment when Cud can’t quite manage how cute Ben is and how to answer his questions so he sort of mumbles like “Okay let me buy you a drink.”. BTL is so gay and so good.

Shipping Asks!

rate Mantimer from 1-10 and explain why? what&…

rate Mantimer from 1-10 and explain why? what’s your favorite headcanon of Mantimer?what’s your favorite canon moment of Mantimer? 😀

it’s mantimer all the way down huh!

honestly its like…. 10 outta 10, very not standard ship but that just makes it better! having the older person be more vulnerable isnt common. also I love their contrast and I really really want someone to take care of Mortimer! and I like their banter and stuff

hmmmmmm I dont think I have many headcanons for them, they’re pretty canon you know? i guess that Manco is trying to fight off Indio’s men when their both being beaten because he sees Mortimer is in such bad shape (thanks Boots

how did you start shipping mantimer?

how did you start shipping mantimer?

I shipped it before I even saw the film. @mcicioni-blog told me it was shippy and I watched the film with full intentions to write a fic. I had a notepad open where I’d write down times of shippy moments that I liked for idea fodder later.

I honestly had never done that with a ship before, like gone in to the content expecting to ship them. For Mantimer that turned out really well, but for other ships I’ve seen (notably Farasquez), I went in expecting something different, and came out feeling like they were profoundly unshippable.

Lbr though, Mantimer is the most shippable pasta ship other than Cudvac. What’s not to love? :’)

Shipping Asks!




Okay, so maybe this has been thought of before, but I read that the set where Django was filmed was the same town set where Blondie first takes Tuco to the sheriff at the beginning of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and I had a wild thought:



IMAGINE BLONDIE AND DJANGO MEETING!! Like… that would be epic af if you ask me, oh my GOD!

I can only imagine how that would go down.



Man I wish Blondie referred to Angel Eyes at least once in canon. Like, I adore his disgusted indifference to Angel but god I would die if he called him like….a sonofabitch at least once



A Fistful of Dollars revolves around the phallic rivalry between Clint Eastwood and Gian Maria Volonté (the latter has the bigger gun, but Eastwood’s quicker on the draw!); For a Few Dollars More can be read as the tender courtship between Eastwood and Lee van Cleef; inThe Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Eastwood himself becomes the object of sexual attraction that causes rivalry between Van Cleef and Eli Wallace.

 -Dan Hassler-Forest (Homoeroticism in Sergio Leone’s films)

When Westerns Were Un-American

When Westerns Were Un-American:


while this article strangely neglects to mention The Great Silence (no less Un-American then any film it did mention, it’s creators where inspired to make it by the deaths of Malcom X and Che Guevara after all), goes on a tangent about soviet movies that have little to do with spaghetti westerns or leftist thought, and misinterprets the relationship between Paco and Columba in The Mercenary, it’s still probably the best exploration of the trend spaghetti westerns had to have leftist themes, something that’s unfortunately frequently forgotten