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That’s a kitten. In his hat. He was just sitting there in a room full of gunslingers he doesn’t trust, playing with a kitten.



I love the small hints that Angel Eyes genuinly respects Blondie. Tuco? Nah. The army? Nope. But Blondie. Blondie he respects. And fears. Just that hint of a pause, in the army camp and then as they’re camping out.

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MBTI & Celebs (x)
Clint Eastwood: ISTJ

“Do you ever tell anyone? Not even a woman you’re close to?”

“No, not necessarily. You talk about certain things, but there’s never 100%. A woman would go absolutely nuts if she knew 100% about a person. It might boring, there’d be nothing else to know. Somebody who’s that interested, I’d wonder why they’re that interested. Why aren’t they enjoying the fact that there’s more to know all the time?”



If you ever ask anyone who’s seen “A Fistfull of Dollars” why Ramón doesn’t try aiming for not the heart I feel like even if they end up giving you a decent answer the knee-jerk response is always “cos he’s a dumb bitch”.

I just watched the MWNN trilogy and it amuses …

I just watched the MWNN trilogy and it amuses me how Blondie dresses in the beginning of GBU. He’s all fancy with a nice white leather coat and hat, long scarf, and dress shirt. I’m torn between headcanoning him as a rich bitch or someone who grew up poor and always wanted finer clothing. either way, blondie is stylish at least until the end of the film.

It’s true, Blondie is pretty fancy and smug. If he grew up poor and is really enjoying the riches he’s picked up, I think that might give him and bejeweled-Tuco something in common. I like both interpretations, though I think I lean more toward him being poor or kind of poor. (Or possibly briefly well-off before some family disaster that left him on his own at a young age?)

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I just had to post this. 

‘Heartbreak Ridge’ was on.One of my favorite movies ever!! Clint did an awesome job! I laughed my butt off.Gotta love that man! 🙂


@vnheimliche I’m very, very sorry but somehow I seem to have accidentally deleted your original ask. Luckily, I still had it open in a tab, so I have the text! lmao sorry. here’s your message and my reply:

@vnheimliche said to bloncos: I’m scrolling down your blog and I think it’s great that it’s totally dedicated to the dollar trilogy. Leone is my fave director soon after Kubrick and being Italian I’m stating it with pride 🙂 I’m curious to know if you have a favourite one between the three dollar movies? Also, I’d want to ask your opinion about his two others western masterpieces, namely Once upon a time in the west and Duck! You sucker 🙂

Thanks! Leone is excellent and you’re right to be proud! 🙂 

Out of the three dollars movies, it’s hard for me to decide, because I think I enjoy all of them in different ways. I watched A Fistful of Dollars first and loved it right away. Love the sort of gentle main whistling theme in that one and CE’s character. But I might ultimately say The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is my favorite, because it’s so much fun and there’s so much in it that I enjoy. And the Ecstasy of Gold scene is sooo good, and the final three-way showdown is so dramatic and epic.

I also love Once Upon a time in the West (another hugely powerful final showdown!). Haven’t seen Duck! You Sucker yet!



I suppose this is a debate that has been done to death already but…ah, nevermind, I just want to give my two cents.

So , I know you can consider the Man with No Name is his own character in each movie, that he’s an idea/legend à la Mad Max rather than one person living different adventures…but I still like the idea that they’re the same man that goes through a character development.

If we go with GBU->FoD->FaFDM, Jo/Blondie/Manco goes from a rascal playing everyone, included his closest “friend” who gives as much as he takes, and showing just a couple of moments of niceness, to being still a rascal but taking pity of the plight of a family and helping the ones who saved him, to actually forging a friendship, actual equal-to-equal partnership with Mortimer.

(I could talk for hours about how much I love everything happening in the final duel in A Few Dollars More but maybe another time)

I just love the way his character is still quite an ass but he…gains humanity?

Totally a valid reading. People who’ve discussed this with me before know that I just can’t wrap my head around seeing Manco as the most human of the three (honestly, I think he feels the youngest, the least self-aware, and the most lacking in compassion), but hey. He’s an ambiguous character in every film and there’s a lot of room for different interpretations. And the trilogy actually having continuity and a character arc does seem satisfying, and the way you present it makes sense. I can kind of see it if we focus on Mortimer. 

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A couple of things happened to me these days:

1)I watched the Dollars Trilogy of Sergio Leone. In the “wrong” order (For a Few Dollars More, then Fistfull of Dollars , then the Good, the Bad and The Ugly) . Fun fact, while western is a genre I loved in French comics, I had actually never seen a real western until very recently, and I was worried I wouldn’t like the real genre. Turns out I was wrong, at least concerning spaghetti westerns.

2)After weeks of looking for it, I finally found a little painting box I had for years but never used before. It’s the first time I’m really painting something, not just following instructions for a school thing or from a model.

I like the result.

(also if you happen to ship Manco and Mortimer from For A Few Dollars More please talk to me I’m desperate)

I ship them!!! a bunch of folks do

hey! yeah, welcome, there are a good few of us who ship them!




Western of the day: A Bullet for the General 

(I bought the DVD used to let’s hope it works and this won’t be another Django Kill… I’m still bitter about that because the little I managed to see of it was enough to make me change my opinion about Tomas Milian as an actor)

– I appreciate that they’re actually speaking Spanish because in the other zapata westerns I’ve seen (… well, I’ve only seen two tbh…) I don’t remember them doing so. The theme song is also in Spanish and it’s pretty great. On the other hand, there are no subtitles whatsoever, so I can’t always make out what they’re saying.

– Gian Maria Volonte is such a charismatic actor. I loved him in For A Few Dollars More. (I have to rewatch A Fistful of Dollars sometime soon, I’ve seen it like four times but I’m still not sure what happens in it because I’ve been drunk every time)

– Is that fucking Klaus Kinski again? He pops up in a lot of these. A despicable person but a great actor. His outfit is whack. Btw, I can buy Volonte playing a Mexican, but Kinski? Oh, please.

– For a while there I thought Chuncho was propositioning Niño… Oh, well. That seems to be the nature of these movies.

– Hey, ummm, this is really gay. He just killed one of his men for Niño. And thankfully saved us from a rape scene.

– Chunco’s outfit is to die for.

– “I thought you didn’t like women” yeah you’re not the only one

– Why does this soundtrack sound so familiar? I sure as fuck have never seen this movie before, but some of the music sounds so familiar I must have heard it before. It’s a good soundtrack, so I’m not complaining!

– Oh, Chuncho. I love this troubled man. 

– Niño, you dead-eyed weasel, you kinda had that coming. Lmao the guy playing him was so stiff and stone-faced but it kind of fit his character so I don’t mind.

– Here’s to hoping Chuncho got away safely and found a more worthy young man to ogle at!

– Yeah! I liked this one!

really glad you liked it!

Lou Castel being stone faced and stiff as Niño was defenitly a character decision, he’s way more expressive in say, fists in pocket (a clip to prove it: )