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Tucoeyes, tell me about a time one of them tri…

Tucoeyes, tell me about a time one of them tried to make a homemade gift for the other? 😀

(IDK how this ended up Blondeyes? It did though.)

In theory, there must be a moment between sleep and waking; a nebulous point of insecurity, of transition betwixt states.

In practice, Blondie muses, he’s yet to actually catch Angel Eyes looking flustered during that process. 

Albeit, the man’s certainly looking flustered now. “…are my cupcakes on fire?” 

“Whoops,” Blondie says. Not budging an inch from the beanbag parked next to the fireplace. 

He reacts not at all to Angel’s scowling, nor smoke rather more noisome than that of pipe tobacco, nor the blustery wind that blows in when Angel pries up the latch. 

“You might have woken me up.”

“I trust you to know what you’re doing in the kitchen. Didn’t seem my business to interfere,” Blondie says, rising; goes to rest a comfortable hand on Angel’s back. “Don’t be so anxious. Tuco isn’t going to mind.”

“Orange-rind cupcakes and orange frosting. I gave myself one task to do today, just one, and I’ve- I’ve-”

“Angel. You know if there’s anything he is gonna hate for his birthday, it’s you getting worked up….besides which,” Blondie says, dipping his thumb into the cut-glass bowl. “Could be worse. This frosting’s all right, he’ll enjoy that.”

He licks it off, meditatively, while Angel stares. 

“Frosting on top of what?”

“Forget what, just give him the bowl and tell him to dig in. He won’t know the difference. You can always blame it on me, if you like.”

The thin-lipped expression on Angel’s face is nothing akin to gratitude: more of studied calculation. “If it doesn’t go well, you can rest assured I will-” 

“You two are such idiots, you know that?” a voice calls from the bedroom. “Can I come out yet?”

“Yes and yes,” Blondie says, taking a bite of slightly charred cupcake. Angel’s too fussy. It tastes all right to him-

“…ooh, so that’s what that smell was.” 

“Yes,” Angel Eyes says, with the composed readiness of a waiting martyr. “Apologies.” 

Tuco shrugs and grabs a spoon. “You worry too much, that’s what…”

thatdeepandlovelydark: sybilius: I did this o…



I did this on a whim for @thatdeepandlovelydark (this is. kinda 70s au if you can believe it)

and it sort of got away from me, but awww, they look cute!!!

Unfortunately I was going for “overdressed cosplay cowboy is indulged by tired practical boyfriend” and then Angel looked so cool he actually pulled off his own look….so Tuco just looks relentlessly cute here, awww. 

eeeeeeeeeee *takes deep breath* eeeeeeee


…ahem. This Nice. Angel’s canon outfit really is something else, isn’t it- elegantly understated- and it goes unreasonably well with the pipe. Love that. And a good hat always makes it 🙂

And Tuco’s stolen one of Angel’s sweaters to wear under that flannel, hasn’t it? hee hee (nice that Angel will have something warm to wear if he wants it). and the pack! And for some reason I find that careful way he’s jammed his trainers against the bench deeply amusing. 

(and of course I also know what this IS so. there’s that :)))



The struggle leaves me with two things. First, a sharp, intimate awareness of the labyrinthine space in which a soul may couch himself in this vessel. Enough for me to carve out a fair portion of the mind to allow him space of his own, but with very limited control over any movement or physical form.

Second. My cock is now hard.


Inspired by Confeitor.

@thatdeepandlovelydark writes amazing fics and I’m over here in the peanut gallery like. What if they FUCKED.

Anyways, thanks D for letting me play in your sandbox <3

sybilius: hums “heart of gold” to self… these …


hums “heart of gold” to self…

these two I stg. Also Tuco probably picked out that sweater for Angel like “so I can have something to steal that’s Not Grey” and Angel was like “sure I don’t mind the color :)”

bleak-nomads: Did up a quicker drawing for co…


Did up a quicker drawing for concepts and fluff. Also to test my new markers! Love ‘em!

You can imagine Blondie off screen here gesturing like “is he asleep” and Tuco just squeezes Angel’s fingers lightly and smirks like “he isssss”