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Posse (1975)

Posse (1975)

Lobby cards for Posse (1975)

Been on a Kirk Douglas kick so I’m watching the western he directed and stared in Posse and it’s very obviously shot in Tucson so I keep seeing scenery and locations I’ve been to and I just think that’s really cool


3 frames of 16 taken from Lonely Are The Brave, 1962

Originally the title was meant to be „The Last Cowboy“


My Favorite Westerns- Lonely Are the Brave (1962) [Part 2 of 5]

“Jack I’m gonna tell you something. The world that you and Paul live in doesn’t exist, maybe it never did. Out there is a real world and it’s got real border and real fences, real laws and real trouble. And either you go by the rules or you lose.”

See Part 1 here

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The Quick and the Dead (1995)

Glad to be back in Old Tucson today


Doris and Peter Graves … Ballad of Josie … 1967